Monday, August 04, 2008

Busy work

It is that time of year - the busy (bzzz-y?) season.

Rick got his 1946 9N Ford tractor put back together yesterday and mowed the shaggy tan pastures. Maybe now Jackson (there in the middle of the photo) won't collect as many seeds and burrs in his coat, although I must say the Furminator has been a dandy help in cleaning him up.

I'm still spinning away on the dark brown Shetland, but wanted something on the needles besides the "scarf of miserable yarn." I decided on the "Classic Mohair Tam" from this book for my neighbor. She already has a scarf (knit by someone else) and a roll-brim hat (knit by me) from this yarn (which is a bit more lavender than this photo shows), but the hat isn't quite deep enough to cover her ears. Hopefully this one will fit better.

Busy-ness makes a girl tired! Another thing adding to my "busy-ness" this week is Vacation Bible School for Brian, and all the extra driving back and forth that requires. This morning after dropping him off I did errands and then met a couple friends for coffee. It was a restful interlude, even if I didn't get rocked to sleep like Hannah. :-)

Tomorrow Rick is taking Brian to VBS, so I hope to finish taking photographs for my "Shetland color study" posts.

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~TigereyeSal~ said...

You are an amazing person- I can hardly believe how much you accomplish, and how beautifully you do it. Wow.

I've tagged you in a quirky little meme, which I hope is okay.



Kara said...

A Shetland color post, how fun (for me?). I took some fleece shots, not the best but it gives you something to look at, I'll try to post them this morning. Blogger wouldn't take my pictures yesterday. I think I have it: she is Ag so Musket, but I think there is so much fawn in her background that she may be gentically colored fawn that faded because of the Ag. Possible?
That book looks great. I have been thinking about what to knit with my handspun yarn. A scarf and a couple of hats is as far as I have gotten. I am going to try one of those mobious (sp?) scarfs next I think. I tend to spin about worsted/bulky about a 9 0r 10 needle I guess.

Tammy said...

Wow, is it really that dry there? It's fiercely hot here and drying out fast, but it's still pretty green.

Michelle said...

Sally, you are flattering me; I don't do nearly enough and am not amazing. (Can you tell I'm a bit discouraged about parenting at the moment?)

Yes Tammy, it really is that dry here!

And no, Kara, the color study isn't just for you. Like I've said, about the time I think I have it figured out, Shetland color throws me for a loop again. But your hypothesis makes sense to me; why not?

That book came highly recommended, but this is the first time I've used it. Another book I recommend is The Sweater Workshop, and anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Both work wonderfully for homespun, because you figure out your gauge and then make the sweater accordingly.

country girl said...

What a beautiful child; we should all sleep that well.