Friday, February 08, 2008

Working on a trade

Lambing season is coming up. That means more sheep, and I already have one more ewe than the four I want to keep for breeding. Someone needs to go, and sooner rather than later. Although various people have expressed interest, I haven't had success actually selling anyone. And Braveheart needs to come out of the breeding pen.

From somewhere the idea sprang. Would anyone have a wether with nice fleece and personality they would like to trade for Bella? It wouldn't reduce my total numbers, but it would give me a companion for Braveheart and I would be rid of a sheep I have never "clicked" with and least enjoy. So I posted an ad to the NW Shetland List; a response came right away. Another small breeder with only moorits and blacks would LOVE to add an Ag grey ewe to her flock, and she has a scurred black yearling wether she's willing to trade. Even though I didn't say so in my ad, I've been wanting a nice black fleece in my flock to work with! So we're working on a sheep swap, and I'm rather excited about it.

This is Willard. I'm not sure when he will make the trip south from Washington (since she's getting the reproducing end of the deal, his breeder is going to do the driving), but hopefully it will be before lambs arrive.

In spinning news, I have finished the natural-colored U.S. Merino from Kathy's sampler pack, and am ready to start on the white Blue-faced Leicester. Kathy sent me an even number of light and dark fibers, so I will alternate them on the bobbin to make separating them for self-plied yarn easier.

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Kathy said...

I am so happy you've made a trade! Will is going to make a woulderful pal for Braveheart.

Tammy said...

Smart idea! Sounds like it will be a good solution all the way around and Bella will go to a home where she might 'click' better. (Being away from her mom might make her much more amiable to the idea of loving on people!) Ewes that I have sent away with the notation that they are 'spooky and need some handling' have turned into sweet kittens and vice versa on the tamer ones--so when the dynamics of the flock changes often the ewe will too. I've found having several ewes to sell goes easier. "Package deals" have worked well for me, I've also found that Spring through late summer is when most people want to think about buying sheep. Occasionally I'll get a late fall burst of interest. Anyway, all that to say that hopefully future sales will be easier for you.

Franna said...

Hey! Congratulations on finally finding a solution to the sheep numbers. Willard looks pretty cute. Will Bella be close?
- Franna

Nancy K. said...

I'm glad that you found a good home for Bella. She is such a beautiful girl! Willard looks like a very handsome boy too ~ I'm sure Braveheart will appreciate the companion.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

Wow you were right! he DOES look like payday!