Friday, October 05, 2007


This not-quite-funny cartoon was in last Sunday's Oregonian newspaper:
Just a bit too realistic, don't you think?

Check out this amazing-but-true video on Allena's blog (since Blogger isn't showing me the video uplink button to load it here). Watch the whole thing; it keeps getting better.

Finally, the blog Musings at Windyridge has been crashing my internet access software every time I try to visit lately. No other blog or website is doing this to me, just Musings at Windyridge, EVERY BLOOMIN' TIME. Weird, huh?

That's it for now at . . .


Kathy said...

I couldn't access either one, Michelle! So you're not alone.

Tina T-P said...

Oh, you're right - as a friend of mine would say - "that cartoon is just sick & wrong" T.

Windyridge said...

Yes it is too real.

Why are you crashing? What browser are you using? Try another and see if it still happens. That's weird and it bothers me of course.

I don't know of anyone else having that problem and I see visitors are still coming from all kinds of domains. Strange and now I am little unnerved.

shepherdchik said...

Only someone without sheep would find that funny. I think it is called 'dark humor'. If it was a cow I would have laughed, but not a sheep. Thanks for posting it though. I will try the windyridge website tonight when I get home, the clinic server here is a bit questionable at times so I dare not risk it.