Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sheepy Sunday

After days of this,
that lead to this,
we actually got a little of this!

Not only that, but I awoke this morning feeling relatively normal, without the benefit of any drugs on board or anything. I used my new-found lease on life to schmooze with the boys,

let the girls out to graze,
and spend some time on "Babe Watch."  ;-)
Where are they going to put six more weeks of lamb growth?!?

Tonight the rain returned with a vengeance (thunder! lightning!), and the virus is trying to follow suit. Will our rain gauge overflow? Will our shepherdess-heroine make to it work Monday morning?

Stay tuned to . . .


Susan said...

Oh, I hope you made it to work! My trip was iffy for other reasons. Such beautiful sheep - and those ewes! Is there such a thing as a maternity coat???

Mary Ann said...

I feel for you!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Looks like that ewe needs a skate board under her belly, thinking ewes, thinking ewes, keeping positive vibes going for you

Moldy Old Crone said...

Hi Michelle, My email went belly-up. I now have a "workaround" solution, but the new one doesn't have my addresses. In any case, you solved the mystery of Sarai's fleece. I don't remember if you told me that her fleece was rooed, but that explains it all! Thank you. I have the last of her fleece ready to scour. Really, dry weather with temps in the 70's is perfect scouring weather. Doesn't get much better than that! I already have a large batch of her wool scoured, and it looks gorgeous. I'm determined to get through a bunch of Corriedale wool that I'm spinning, then on to Shetland. Yay! This is Sue, in case you don't recognize my internet handle.