Friday, February 20, 2015

Boys just wanna have fun, part 2

I think at heart my son is an empire-builder. I don't know what he'll do in the future, but for now he is staking his claim all over our little acreage. His current projects are in the Shetland boys' wooded lot. There is a "fort" (which looks more like a brush pile) and a look-out. Today he begged me to eat lunch with him in the fort.
I took these before shinnying in on my hands and knees; the things we do for love!

From the fort you can see the look-out (or as Brian likes to say, from the look-out you can keep an eye on the fort).
Before that boy leaves home for good, he's going to have a lot of clean-up to do. In the meantime, it's more wholesome activity than many boys his age engage in!

Meanwhile, down on the ground, some of the sheep are looking rather raggedy.
Annabelle's fleece is the loosest, but I'm thinking I will be able to roo more of my sheep than ever before this year. That will make for a less expensive bill come shearing day April 14. I'm glad everyone is in sheep suits; it prevents them from rubbing off their valuable wool. I need to get busy and collect mid-side samples for micron testing. BTW, I still have fleeces available to reserve!

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Debbie said...

Lunch in a fort, now that is pretty cool! Brian is so very lucky to have great parents and to have such a safe wooded area to 'claim'. I love your sheep pictures too.
Now about those fleeces...I'll have to send you an email Michelle. Have a great weekend!

Primroses Attic said...

I wish you took a pic of you in the fort. The things we do. But happy memories.

Sharon said...

I thought the same thing. How wholesome that Brian is creatively building forts. Now he needs to read My Side of the Mountain by Elizabeth George :)

Michelle said...

I'll await your inquiry, Debbie!

I'm not into selfies, PA. Much more comfortable pointing the camera at someone else!

I remember that book, Sharon! Off to the library this week....

Leigh said...

What kid wouldn't love that! Fantastic imagination and fantastic playground.