Friday, July 19, 2013

Wipe out!

I'm still in Washington, hoping to head home tomorrow. If I do, I can transfer to another "bicycle" and finish the Tour de Fleece. If not, then mine will be one of those heartbreak cases of "so near, and yet so far." Oh, not that I came so near my actual goals, as there is NO chance of finishing either of them. Spinning an entire Shetland fleece on my miniSpinner and four ounces of wool/alpaca in laceweight on my Jenkins Aegean was just too ambitious, but if it weren't for setting goals, I wouldn't have spun as much as I have!

Yesterday in my dad's hospital room, I plyed as much of my Shetland singles as would fit on my one available bobbin. I didn't bring my niddy-noddy, so that project is stalled until I get home.

I've also been spindling right along on the "Bubblegum" wool/alpaca roving. The cop is getting big enough that my laceweight single is having trouble holding together, and my poor Olive dropped to the hard hospital floor a few times yesterday. Today (my dad's home now) I decided to remove this cop and start a new one in the interest of keeping my singles consistently fine.
Proof that I washed my car this morning!

When I pulled out arm #1, my heart dropped like a stone. Two days from the finish line, 400 miles from home, I discovered that my bike is totaled!

I think she can be glued. I hope she can be glued!

That's all the spinning for now . . .


Tombstone Livestock said...

no niddy noddy ... wrap around your hand to elbow .... that is what the yarn shop owner told me to do when I was running out of bobbins... but I have a niddy noddy. Tie it same as you would if you used niddy noddy.

For some reason I see above My comment was published but I did not type anything, if you have a deleted comment ... it's me.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! :o
'Pon my word, I've not seen, or heard, of that happening before.

I'll show Ed the picture in the morning (he's already settling in for an early bedtime.)

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...


Liana said...

Good work on the Hansen bobbins, They are full to the hilt. TDF be damned, you did a fabulous job and a ton of work! So sorry about your Turkish spindle, I've never seen one do that. Let us know how the gluing of them worked.

farmlady said...

And those Niddy-noddy "bikes" are hard to find. Hope you can find one fast if you can't fix it. Stay in the race.
Did the nurses enjoy your hospital room workshop?

Kelly said...

Poor little gal, I hope you glue her up and use her again.
Lovely spinning Michelle.