Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Seen Saturday at my house:
My visiting friend introduced us to green smoothies. My guys? Not fans.

Seen Monday at Brian's violin teacher's house:
There's a caribou in the kitchen!

Seen yesterday while driving through Newberg:
There's a FIRE in that oven!

Seen for quite some time now in the sheep's wooded lot (they are NOT impressed!):
I guess he decided that fort #1 didn't offer enough shelter.

So what strange things have YOU seen lately?

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Tombstone Livestock said...

Looks like Brian is preparing to be a future contestant on Survivor.

I am still wandering around Ravelry and was trying to figure out how to reply to your question. Those 8 bobbins, now 8 and half, I finished off that fleece, were on the Ashford but the bobbins are full, really full, one is too full. I am taking the Louet in today to be repaired. If I can't bring it back today ... oh well ... she sells more bobbis for the Ashford, LOL.

Susan said...

So, do the sheep get to share his shelter? I bet that's fun on a hot, humid day! As good as I know the green smoothie is, I just cannot drink one. Maybe, if I closed my eyes....

shelly hancock said...

Tarantulas! That's the strange things I've been seeing. I know they live around here, but I usually don't see them.

farmlady said...

That first photo looks like a Uniforus Rangifer (Unicorn Caribou). Do you know how rare they are?
The fire in the oven,going down the street. Now that's bizarre!
You son needs a little practice but he's getting there. Doesn't hurt to have a backup tent.
I will have a hard time finding something strange to top that caribou.

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

I love the "kitchen critter".
I'm almost afraid to ask, but what goes into the green smoothie?
I like your shelters, Brian!

Michelle said...

Audrey, did you get your Louet repaired?

Susan, the sheep don't WANT to share his shelters! In fact, they believe the shelters are giant SHEEP TRAPS, and give them wide berth!

Snakes AND tarantulas, Shelly? I'd move!

Farmlady, that oven really surprised me! "Have fiery furnace; will travel."?

13, we used frozen mango, frozen cherries, frozen bananas, a little vanilla soy milk (my friend likes to use apple juice, but we didn't have any), and fresh kale.