Monday, July 08, 2013

Heads or tails?

Hopefully, either way you'll win an egg. ;-)

Speaking of eggs, we've been getting at least one egg a day from the pullet pen. Unlike that first eggcellent effort, most of them have been pullet-sized, like the one on the far right, above. Still, it's great that they are starting to produce. I just wish we could get them moved to the henhouse and get the sheepfold cleaned up. If Rick doesn't make finishing the new chicken run a priority soon, I'm going to arm myself with baling twine and "finish" it myself!

Speaking of sheep, they are hanging out in the shade. Our cool season grasses have stopped growing so the horses spend their days in the sacrifice pasture and the sheep spend their days in the wooded lot. All are back on hay, which means filling the barn with a fresh supply to see us through until next summer. Rick brought what we think will be our last load home on Sunday;
we got the pickup unloaded and backed the loaded trailer under cover for now. We still have some 2012 hay to feed up, and then we'll unload the rest. It's painful to write the check, but we are thankful to have quality hay secured – and that wonderful flatbed trailer from my dad with which to haul it!

Today was a "rest day" for the cyclists of the Tour de France and the spinners of the Tour de Fleece, but I did spin some on my miniSpinner while Brian worked on his keyboard practice. That's bobbin #2. I only have three bobbins, which is a problem for my plan of spinning all the singles from Browning's roving for the TdF. I can either fill this one and then Navajo-ply onto my third bobbin, thus freeing up two bobbins on which to spin more singles, or fill the third bobbin with singles and then use my Louet for plying. The problem with that idea is that I just don't know if an mS bobbin's worth of yarn will fit on a Louet bobbin. I probably have another day's worth of spinning to decide.
Gratiuitous shot of our blooming fuschia. ;-)

That's it for now from . . .


Theresa said...

I need to secure some hay for this season too. And sympathies on the check writing for it, although our silver lining, only two horses to feed! :)

Tombstone Livestock said...

Mine are all full too. Since I won't get the Louet repaired until tomorrow I need to find something to wind another bobbin off too. All my paper towel / toilet paper tubes have been filled.

Going to pick up some Cheviot fleeces this afternoon ... just what I need .... more wool.

Susan said...

There is nothing so satisfying than a barn full of hay bales! That fuschia is amazing!