Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Fruits of my labor

This morning I spent some time in the garden weeding and moving water hoses; then I treated myself to breakfast out(side):
purple raspberries

yellow raspberries
red raspberries
I ate some black raspberries and marionberries, too, before I thought to torture you share them with you. ;-)

Never fear, I'm not just feeding my own face from our garden. Last night I served up kale salad and red current pie, both made from our garden produce, along with our entrée. (I don't know why kale has never been on my radar screen before; it performs well in our garden and tastes great in soups and salads!)

After washing up, I started Brian on some schoolwork while I spun his wether's roving. I thought I might finish filling the bobbin yesterday; it surprised me how much more yarn I was able to add today! Tomorrow I'll start filling another bobbin; woohoo!
It's finally full!
That's it for today (except for some fireworks) from . . .


white_lilly said...

Wow Michelle I never knew you could get yellow raspberries, amazing. I love your bobbin of wool I've been itching to get to a spinning class with my wheel and start spinning.

Christine said...

Yellow?! Wha? (picture me with my head turned to the side like a dog)

melanie said...

Yum! to both!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Berries look delicious.

Did I mention I want a Wooly Winder, good job.

Michelle said...

Wish I could have you all over for a berry breakfast! (The purple ones aren't great, though. So much for Rick's curiosity.)

Mama Pea said...

We have yellow and red raspberries but I'd never even heard of purple ones! Ours are just now starting to form berries. But our strawberries are finally beginning to color up. And I saw a crow take the first half ripe one this morning. That calls for (dum-da-dum-dum) action! (I do not share well when it comes to my garden produce! Not with critters anyway.)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

looks delish and reminds me...I need to check my blackberries.

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

I want a wooly winder too! Maybe this year.

Anonymous said...

Those berries look so yummy! You are torturing me with them...:D
I love that full bobbin, doesn't that feel like such a sense of accomplishment?!
Beth P