Friday, July 26, 2013

Fresh on Friday

I'm not a food photographer (meaning I don't usually have the time or inclination to "stage" a photo shoot), so you'll have to trust me on this. Today I've made white currant/boysenberry/
marionberry crisp with fruit from our garden, One-Pot Kale Quinoa Pilaf with kale and chives from our garden and one of my last lemons from my MIL's yard in AZ* (both for church potluck tomorrow), zucchini patties with zucchini from our garden and eggs from our hens for lunch; and will be making zucchini chocolate chip muffins with more of the same for supper tonight, along with more berries from our garden. Brian is outside picking green beans as I type. This is my least favorite season of the year weather-wise, but the blessings of food from our garden and orchard and henhouse help make up for it.

Of course, not all our eggs are found in the henhouse these days; Perch is still out and about during the day. Earlier this week I tasked Brian with searching out her "nestbox," since I hadn't found any eggs from her yet.
He had seen her in the ivy at the base of this tree, so he looked there and sure enough, tucked out of sight were three eggs!

This morning I saw her there for the first time (now that I know where to look), which is when I took the photo above. Do you see her? Here's a closer look:

Besides eggs, currants, berries, zucchini, kale and chives, here's some other Fresh on Friday things:
I tweaked the settings trying to capture the true color of this dahlia

Have a great weekend!

*My MIL has made the decision to relocate here permanently, so our source for fresh, organic citrus will be no more. :-(

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Deb W said...

Off -topic, but are you going to enter Romi's giveaway on her blog? It's WAY over my skill level, but I thought of you.

If you aren't going to give us photos of your food goodies, the least you could do is give us some recipes! (The kale and quinoa sounds really good)

Michelle said...

I already did. ;-) And all the recipes except the crisp are hot-linked at their names; that's why they are a different color type. I've modified the zucchini patty recipe quite a bit, though; no grated cheese.

Deb W said...

Snort! I read this first on my Kindle, and the difference in color didn't show up well. I'm off to write down some recipes!

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

I'm becoming quit attached to That Chicken! She's quit a character.

Mary Ann said...

Chickens can be so funny! I'm glad you will have your MIL near you.

Susan said...

Thank you for the link to the quinoa recipe! I am awash in kale right now - that will be a perfect summer meal! Perch seems to have found a perfect hideaway! I love the abundance of produce this time of year - but I am with you on not liking the weather that brings it about. Is your MIL relocating near you?

Michelle said...

Yes, she is, 13!

I know you understand about the chickens, Mary Ann. :-)

Susan, my MIL came to the area for the summer and has decided to make the move permanent. She still has to sell her house in AZ, though.