Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crossing the finish line

It's been a busy day here. Helped a friend move furniture, picked blueberries, caught up on laundry and dishes, schooled my horse – and spun. Today is the last day of the Tour de France/Tour de Fleece, and while I will probably spin a bit more during the news tonight, my totals won't look much different than this:

That's 19g of "Sea Squall" BamHuey on my Oregon Oak Jenkins Aegean spindle, 49g of "Bubblegum" wool/alpaca on and off my Olive Jenkins Aegean spindle (broken and fixed to spin again!), and an as yet unweighed/unmeasured amount of Browning's fleece spun on my Hansen miniSpinner. That's a very full bobbin of two-ply on the left, an almost-full bobbin of singles on the mS, and a partial bobbin of singles on the right. I have lots more of the Shetland and wool/alpaca yet to spin, but am still satisfied with what I accomplished for this year's TdF.

Oh, and I have another fitting name for that blue fiber. At a rest area on my way home from my dad's yesterday, I noticed a juvenile Steller's Jay that was far less flighty than its kind usually is. I never got a great shot, but the one below looks a lot like "Sea Squall"!

Seeing colorways everywhere, at . . .


Tombstone Livestock said...

So glad you got your spindle repaired. Congrats on crossing the finish line, I am still pedaling away for another hour, had a slight detour when plying and yarn broke, so skeined up what I had at that point. Back to pedaling. I did excel thought in the nap department.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful colors and beautiful names!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great Tour! So glad your spindle is repaired. I was sick about that!

Susan said...

You did all that in one day!? Glad you were able to get your lovely spindle fixed. And glad that hardly stopped you -- hope your dad is doing well - and well on the road to total recovery! Love that shot of the Stellar Jay.

Michelle said...

Audrey, I'm still pedaling away, too; didn't finish either of my (huge, unrealistic) goals.

Thanks, Mary Ann!

I was, too, Sara; believe me!

Oh goodness no, Susan; that's 21 days worth of spinning.