Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fruits of our labors

Rick and Brian got the pasture cleaned up and all the tree debris burned
Wholesome homemade granola, no fat added
I used Farmgirl's low fat pesto recipe – YUM!
Each dehydrator load of apples FILLS a gallon ziplock bag.
We're not peeling the apples this year – and like them just fine!
Homemade condensed tomato soup – SO much better than Campbell's!
Thanks to Rick's tarps, the hens are enjoying dust baths instead of mud

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Susan said...

All that goodness! The view of your home is so lovely, Michelle. I also leave the skins on my apples when I dry them - it gives them a little extra fiber and taste, IMHO.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Susan. That's not our house, though, that's our neighbors to our east; I took the photo from our deck.

Mary Ann said...

I dried apple cores and peels, I'm going to make potpourri sometime in the next two weeks, it made the house smell heavenly!

Mama Pea said...

Is your canned tomato soup "ready to go" right out of the jar or do you add milk (or water?) to it when heating and serving? The color is gorgeous!

Michelle said...

It's condensed, so you add the liquid of your choice and heat to prepare. The color varies depending on the tomatoes; this year my tomatoes were red red RED!

farmlady said...

You are ready!! Isn't it a nice feeling to be prepared and looking forward to winter?
What is this "low fat" pesto of Farmgirl's. Did you post it and I just missed it?
We spent all day clearing tree limbs from the electric lines, but we can't burn yet. It's suppose to rain next week so maybe they will lift the burn restrictions. Hope so.

Michelle said...

Here is the link:

My changes: I used green olives, I didn't have capers, and I added a can of garbanzo beans. SOOO good!