Monday, November 07, 2011

My hard-workin' man

I probably gave you the impression that I was out picking pears on Sunday, when in fact I did that last Friday. I scheduled a pear post for Sunday because I knew I'd be gone most of the day, thanks to my wonderful husband!

You see, this past weekend was the Oregon Dressage Society's Fall Festival (there's a post about it on my dressage blog; link at right). I don't often go to the Fall Festival because of time, cost and/or distance, combined with the fact that it isn't Rick's "thing" and we try to do things together. But this year, when Rick heard from someone else that Olympian Steffen Peters was going to the featured speaker at the Saturday night banquet and the featured instructor at the Sunday educational event, he asked me if I was going - and urged me to do so!

I needed no further encouragement, and was off doing horsey stuff with friends both Saturday night and Sunday. And when I got home late yesterday afternoon, I promptly changed clothes and tacked up Russell (thankful for cooperative weather) to solidify what I'd seen and heard.

So what were my guys doing all day yesterday? Fall cleaning! Rick loaded up our red truck with miscellaneous detritus for the dump, cleaned out and reorganized our "machine shed" so that all the equipment and vehicles can be under cover for the winter, and burned the brush pile. Brian helped his dad, and also drove the mower around sucking up leaves so they don't get ahead of us. As a result, the "barnyard" area looks so much better!

Just so you don't think I was a total slacker, I did make a four-loaf batch of bread last night. :-)

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Susan said...

What a great pair of guys! And how nice for you to get some horsey time in!

Nancy K. said...

OOOOOOOOOO! Homemade bread. I LOVE it!

Sharon said...

It's looking mighty pastoral there. Bread is on the agenda for next week when we have Alexia again, moving up from cookies.

A :-) said...

You know, you should really do the 365 Project :-) I think you would like it.