Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Under suspicion

This is Lucille, the first of two Red Sex-Link hens that sought refuge at Boulderneigh from the neighbor's insufficient coop. (They were granted citizenship status with permission of said neighbor.) This morning when I opened the henhouse door to open the pop-door, I noticed an egg on the floor under the roosts, which is an occasional occurrence. After I pushed open the pop-door, I turned to pick up the egg, and Lucille was eating it! I swatted her away and picked up the remains. The question is: was it already broken and she just stumbled upon it? Or is she a dreaded egg-eater? The latter might explain why I only got two eggs on Monday.... I will be collecting eggs more frequently and keeping my eye on her. If she ends up being guilty, she's outta here!

In other chicken news, remember this pretty Easter Egger? She went down the hill when she stopped laying last year to live in happy retirement with some people we know. We got hay from those folks on Sunday, and I asked about Ebony. She's gone broody! Nancy said she's quite aggressive about it, too, "growling" at anyone, fowl or human, who comes near her nest. None of our chickens have ever gone broody here - but then again, we don't have a rooster, so what would be the point?

This morning Rick and Brian took off with the pick-up and camper to spend a couple days at Cowboy Campmeeting, sans horses (Rick has to be back for emergency duty over the holiday weekend). Brian was dancing jigs he was so happy to be going camping with dad, and I'm just as happy to stay here and hold down the fort. Of course I have a to-do list while they're gone, but there's some fun stuff on the list - like prepping for Le Tour de Fleece (a spinning 'event' on Ravelry that corresponds with the Tour de France). It starts Saturday, and I'm on four 'teams' - Team Footloose (for Hansen miniSpinner owners), Team Spindlers (for those spinning on spindles of any kind), Team Corgi (for those spinning fibers purchased from Corgi Hill Farm), and Team My Favorite Sheep (started by blogpal Sara for 'anyone who has a favorite sheep, wishes they had a favorite sheep or didn’t even know you could have a favorite sheep'). I plan to spin on either or both my mS and my Jenkins spindles every day, spinning up the Corgi Hill fibers I bought for Taygete, and some as yet to be determined roving from one or more of my own sheep. I'm thinking of spinning either a grey (from Rechel or Bella) or black (from Blackberry or Inky) for yet another of Romi's shawls; I tell you, those things are like potato chips!

Off to work on my list at . . .


Kelly said...

My list is so large, I just rather not even consult any longer. (grin) Have fun, sounds like a great time.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello dear Michelle! Thank you for your comment...blogger sure is a stinker these days.
Your farm looks so the hens and sheep. Teo egg omelette picture sure did make me smile!
Blessings to all of you this holiday weekend...Karla at the cozy cottage

Franna said...

Oh, precious "me" time! Even with a to-do list, me time is to be cherished. Le Tour! I'd almost forgotten about it. Oh, to pick a project!

You probably don't have any broody hens because you pick up eggs regularly. They don't care if there's a rooster around, just eggs. Occasionally, one will go broody with just one egg, but it usually takes more than one.

Good progress with the sheepies! How's Cadbury doing?

Ohhhhhhhh, I have the fabulous roving from Jamieson & Smith! Except I ordered the superfine white and it's backordered - boo hiss! I wanted to make some batts blending the white with the black and the moorit for some gradual color changes. Saturday, eh?

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Ohhh I love that shawl!
Sorry about Luciel, we had to do away with an egg eater years ago when we first moved out here, they wont ever quit :(
going to go look into the 'Tour'.

Victoria said...

Well, Blake's fleece is my Tour de Fleece project. I have a little over 2lbs of lovely soft washed fleece which will become a shawl. I am trying to decide whether to hand card or drum card it and I want to practice my woolen long draw. So much fun and a good challenge for myself. Give Blake a scritch from me.


Michelle said...

I hear you, Kelly - but it feels so good to be able to cross things off! ;-)

Blessings to you, too, Karla. Is Ms. Peach doing okay?

Franna, Cadbury is doing well. I caught him yesterday for the first time since he arrived, and once caught he was quite calm. I was showing off to my farrier/shearer how very soft and fine Cadbury is. When he comes back on July 18, he's going to bring his shearers for the Kimberwood sheep.

Becky, Romi creates such wonderful designs!

Victoria, so glad you commented! I do hope you send me a report and a photo once you spin Blake's lovely fleece. I'll scritch him under the chin for you tonight. :-)

Laura said...

You could get a dozen eggs from someone who doe have a rooster to put under her. Then she'll be happy! We have a broody who hatched out 4.

Mary Ann said...

We still have an egg-eater here... but I have not caught her in the act lately. I should have offered her for dinner to someone who asked lately, but she is my last daughter of my favorite old rooster who has died, so she stays. She'll be scolded if I catch her again!