Monday, June 06, 2011

Switching gears

Alcyone is my current knitting project. I'm at the end of my first ball of yarn but not, unfortunately, at the middle of the scarf! Making use of Ravelry's wonderful search engine, I found two people with the same dyelot, and am waiting to hear if either are willing to sell me the partial skein they have left. If not, I'll have to tink back four rows and eliminate a pattern repeat in order to finish this with the yarn I have.

To keep my fingers busy, I pulled out my miniSpinner to continue spinning the superwash merino I bought from Adrienne. I am thinking of doing a three-ply with this for another of Romi's small shawls. She's planning another themed ebook of patterns made from single skeins (100 grams) of sock yarn, and I'm thinking I should be spinning some of my own yarn for some of those!

The problem with Romi is that her designs are so good you want to make them more than once, but she's so prolific that there's always new designs you want to try!

Here's another shift from all the recent iris photos:
Our daphne (not odora, but plenty fragrant) bushes are covered with demure little blossoms that are perfuming the air all around the house.

Tomorrow: Phase 1 of the great Sheep Shuffle of 2011!

That's it for today . . .


A :-) said...

What did I send you that was Red? I can't even remember - clearly I have TOO much fiber :-D

Michelle said...

Adrienne, it's the Marianne roving, "Jewels of Autumn," from Yarn Love. I'm finally making real progress on it!