Monday, June 27, 2011

News from Black Sheep; random photos

Yesterday I got an email from the lady who purchased Barrister. Her grandson showed Katie's handsome ramling in the Youth Show on Sunday, and they took Registered Medium/Fine Wool Breeds Champion Ram! Woot!

Encouraging progress in The Taming of the Ewe(s). Sarai (katmoget) practically frisks me for grain now, and Marta (gulmoget) has discovered the tastiness of grain as well (they get very little; it is a taming treat, not a dietary staple). This morning Marta ate a few crumbles from the pan while I restrained her with my arms; major progress for her. I've had halters on both of them, and will continue to work with them until they approach me willingly and lead politely.

Handsome rams Bunker and Blake. (Cadbury will not be turned out with these big bruisers!)

Working on a two-egg omelet?

Oreo has a major sweet tooth. She snitches the horses' or sheep's sweet feed whenever she can; here she is licking watermelon juice off a plate!

The sign of a happy woman. This weekend Rick gave the okay to start hand-walking Russell again. But after stacking six tons of local grass hay in the barn yesterday afternoon/evening and doing chores, my knees were too achy to face it. Rick told me to get on, and he watched how Russell moved. The verdict? He is moving normally, so I can RIDE Russell for his short daily constitutional! Another woot!

That's it for today from . . .


Deb W said...

I'm so happy for you....on all accounts!

Black Sheep said...

I cried way way back when Doc gave me the "ok" to ride mine again.. he has long since passed on but I remember that moment.. being able to be partners on that level again..

Laura said...

Yay - on all counts, but especially for Russell. Now if you can just keep the big galoot from banging himself up again...

Kelly said...

I am sooooo happy for you. I know I cried when my vet gave me the thumbs up to ride my mare again and I thought she'd be a pasture ornament the rest of her life.