Monday, January 10, 2011

Of sheep and wool

Beautiful Katie. It's hard to get nice photos of super-friendly sheep; Katie is friendly on her terms but doesn't come running when I stop along the fence.

Which is my best side? My left?

No, no; I think it's my right.

Super-friendly sheep are not only harder to photograph - they make it harder to photograph others. I managed to get the photos of Katie in spite of this:
(See the light blur that is Katie in the distance?)
I had already spent a goodly amount of time scratching my sweet lumps of brown sugar (fawn gulmogets Bramble and Bronwen) through the fence, but Bramble was still looking for love.

Last night I filled a bobbin with two-ply yarn (Jacob/Shetland), and this morning I skeined it off and continued plying. The first skein is approximately 443 yards; we'll see if I end up with enough for the Oregon vest.

Off to ride while the sun shines at . . .


Marie said...

Beautiful skein!! I love the contrast.

Hope you had a great ride. I rode at work today with snow falling outside. I am so glad there is an indoor here. But it looks like the riding days this week are going to be few. Highs in the lower teens the rest of the week!! Might even be too cold for me. I am loving that green grass I seed in your picture of the skein.

Kelly Bartels said...

I have a similar problem with my friendlier sheep.....but it does make us smile.
And the skein of Jacob/ beautiful. Nice work Michelle. I hope to have advanced enough some day to spin up something that nice.

Tiggeriffic said...

What a beautiful skein of yarn..Good job~!
I love the picture..and the notes about which is my best side.. Sounds like a movie actor.. Lol
Have a tiggeriffic day with all that green grass... very nice..

Karen B. said...

Really beautiful skein of yarn, Michelle. Keep us posted on the resulting project. I need to get spinning!

Kara said...

Beautiful yarn and I hear you about photographing certain sheep!

Nancy K. said...

What EVER do you mean about friendly sheep being hard to photograph????


I need to do some spinning. But now I'm knitting! I should be felting. Or making soap. There are just NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY... said...

The friendly sheep are fun, but the stand offish ones are so much easier to photograph :)
Your skein is beautiful! I hope you have enough for the vest!

Theresa said...

How pretty, I think I like the left side! The yarn looks fab. I'm hoping you do get enough for that vest. Fingers crossed!
Oh, I envy you the riding, 2 feet of crusty snow and icy driveways and such have nixed any riding for quite a while here in the mountains. But spending time doling out scritches and treats is quality time too!
Everyone is very curly this year.

A :-) said...

Oooo - that's some fine looking yarn! :-) And if you need snow, maybe I can send you some. I brought it home with me from Colorado . . . it's snowing like a snow globe outside!

Susan said...

There's only one of my five sheep that I can photograph - CocoNut. The rest are in my pockets as soon as I'm within reach! Lovely yarn!!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Fun yarn! Can't wait to see what you do with it :-).

sheepsclothing said...

Love the pictures of Katie. She is such a pretty girl.
And your yarn looks great! That's a mighty big skein at 400+ yards!