Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

So last night we made a trip to Costco, and I bought a new camera (the new Fujifilm was returnable). I'm not going to introduce him yet, since we've only just met and I don't know for sure that we're a good match, but our first date (morning chore time) was promising. I will say that he is no one that any of you suggested nor was he on my radar until I asked my friend and neighbor what she uses, and she tipped me off to the wonderful reviews this camera has garnered and the special Costco was running. Good thing I acted fast, though. The special ended yesterday.

Teaser Tuesday could also be called Twofer Tuesday:
I've decided that Blake gets to see if all the girls have settled. The weather is supposed to stay wet through the weekend, so using one clean-up ram means no one has to go out in the mud. Not sure what to do with Inky, except to put her in with Browning for the weekend (which means putting Bunker in with Blackberry). Part of me says to leave her with the girls, and if she just so happens to be cycling, I'll get to see what she can produce with the smooth-polled brown boy. Her condition has improved a wee bit and she's moving more comfortably, but I'm still worried about how well she would handle another lambing.

Teaser Tuesday could also be called Taming Tuesday:
With a functioning camera, I was able to capture the Sussex girls coming up to eat out of the can I use to fill the feeder. I think their colors are so rich; Rick is not enamored with the "splotches." Too bad for him!

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A :-) said...

Whatever it is, the photos are very clear!! I think you got a winner :-)

Ok Acres said...

I have Speckled Sussex and they are some of my favorite hens. The rooster that I had was a nasty creature that attacked my handicapped mother in law one day, so you know where he ended up! Bless my sweet little mother in law though, she just lifted one of her crutches, balanced on her legs braces and batted the nonsense out of Rufus (the mean rooster). I laughed so hard when she told me the story, she's such a soft spoken and kind person, just couldn't picture that sort of retaliation coming from her. Then again, she survived raising 4 boys.
BTW-new pictures look great.

Lois said...

We got some Speckled Sussex pullets this spring, and now they are grown-ups...almost. They still can fly a little, but the air above the ground is diminishing all the time. Guess I need to get some photos...their speckling is so very different from hen to hen. One of them is more speckles than background! I have to say that they are the sweetest friendliest chickens we have ever had. I love them! (well, I also love the Buff Brahmas that we got at the same time). And the Buff Brahma cockerel...a kind well-mannered lad.

Sharon said...

I wish I hadn't put off replacing my camera for long. It's like night and day - magic!