Monday, October 18, 2010

Simply spoiled by the weather

This weather is going to be hard to give up when the rains come and wrest it from our clutching grasp. I've been able to ride whenever I can fit it in (which led up to a successful clinic yesterday), the breeding group has been able to stay out 24/7, and we've gotten some projects done to make chores easier/nicer this winter.

Yesterday Rick and Brian finished the gates on the Ram-ada Inn, hung the second feeder on the back wall so I only have to carry hay to one side, and put the battens on as well. Here are Inky and Browning enjoying the day next to the handsome shack that has been sheltering them during breeding season:

We also moved the chicken yard so that we don't have to walk through the muddy muck to take care of the hens this winter. They now have a "pop door" for access to the yard, the much smaller opening of which will also serve to keep the henhouse warmer in the winter.

As of now the flock at Boulderneigh is almost at its winter census. Today Franna brought Blackberry home and picked up Barish. All the girls are together again (Katie is really picking on poor old Inky), with Blackberry and Browning in the Ram-ada Inn and the three little boys still in their lot together. (Byzantine leaves on Friday.) Here are final portraits from my 2010 breeding group. Ladies first:
Beautiful Bronwen, who could give me black gulmoget, black katmoget, black gul-kat or solid black lambs - or modified versions of any of those.

"Mean girl" Katie, who could throw black, grey, black katmoget or Ag grey katmoget lambs.

Sweet Bramble, who could throw all the same colors and patterns as her half-sister Bronwen.

Annabelle, who could throw white, black or black katmoget lambs.

And finally, the alien that was in their midst:
Seriously, don't you think the Klingons from Star Trek were inspired by breeding-season rams?

That's it for now from . . .


An English Shepherd said...

Looks like you are ready for a cold snap :-)


Anonymous said...

wow. those are really wild wrinkles. Do they stay like that once they are fully mature, or is that just a result of raging hormones during breeding season?

Michelle said...

He had a "normal" face when he came in June, so he'll return to normal later. But first he has more girls to service!

Kenleigh's Fiber Studio said...

I love his wrinkles :) This weather has been wonderful and it looks like you are taking full advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

Can I hire Rick and Brian to come build me a Ram-ada Inn? That is wonderful! Love the front gates on there... I'll be saving this post to show my Hubby. ;) Just wish he had some extra time for farm chores now and then. :/

Garrett808 said...

holy buckets look at those nose wrinkles! He was REALLY ready to breed!