Friday, August 13, 2010

Circle of love

It just keeps comin' 'round!

I have been the beneficiary of many generous people since joining the blogosphere, and I don't think it is coincidence that many of those kind gestures have arrived just when I needed a pick-me-up. (I believe in the adage, "In a Christian's life there are no accidents, only incidents.") In return, I've tried to come up with fun ways to "share the love;" that's part of the reason I held a giveaway for my four-year blogging anniversary last month. The eighth name drawn was Sara at Punkin's Patch, a blogpal who has become a real-life friend as well. I wasn't sure there would be anything left that she'd want, so I was tickled when she seemed happy to take the knitting magazines.

But that wasn't the end of the story. (You knew that, didn't you?) Sara has been enduring extreme heat as well as stress over whether or not there is a big cat prowling her neighborhood, and the magazines arrived just when she needed a pleasant little diversion. I was tickled a second time; pretty good payback, huh? I mean, it's fun to make someone's day - twice! But Sara had to ice the cake. I got to meet Sara's bees when we visited Punkin's Patch last November; do you know how special it is to get honey from their hive? (Last fall my blogpal/twin-sister-separated-at-birth Melanie sent me a wee bit of their bees' very first honey; I savored every drop of it straight from the jar - THAT’S how special!) And Sara's sending me an extra jar to share, doubling my pleasure.

But that's not all. Yesterday I picked up a package at the post office. My blogpal Adrienne has been destashing, so, good friend that I am, I relieved her of some of her excess. :-) I got some yummy yarns destined to be small shawls, and some colorful superwash wool to spin.But what's this? A bonus skein of sock yarn! Now how could she have known how that sweet surprise would take the edge off the derailed sale of one of my sheep? (Anyone need a horned, well-built, silky-fleeced fawn ram lamb?)

Yep, it just keeps comin' 'round.

With love, from . . .


Donna said...

Loved your is so true, too! I believe in "God winks"....:0)

And I'm not sure that I NEED a horned, well-built, silky-fleeced fawn ram lamb, but let's just's probably a good thing that I don't live closer!!! hahaha

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love it! :-D

Tammy said...

A year or so ago I won a jar of Sara's honey and oh my, it really is a special treat. And on that note I got your package of prune and apple butter (TWO Jars! I was thrilled). It had a slight delay as the mailwoman tossed it out on the ground by my gate, Mom got it and took it to her house and finally it made it's way here. :-) Anyway, I'm saving it for a special time--some good homemade bread to go with it. I've never had prune butter so this will be interesting. Love the sunny notecards too!

Terry said...

Fresh honey is the best.
I also have a beautiful horned fawn 1yo ram available. I've had interest but no takers yet. AND his sire is Boulderneigh Bluster!!

Sharon said...

The blogosphere has been a total surprise - I couldn't agree more. I had no idea that four years later I would have friends who count.

A :-) said...

Ooooo! That yarn looks WAY better at your house than at mine :-) Glad you will get to enjoy it :-)