Friday, August 15, 2008

Swingin', sweatin' and spinnin'

Yesterday was the first day of a three-day stretch slapped with an "extreme heat warning." Brian and I sat in the shade to enjoy the last Brown Bag Concert of the season, Dave Holmes & Tropical Breeze. Their Calypso beat had most of the audience at the least tapping their toes; some of the kids and a few of the adults did more than that. The gal in the white shorts has been at most of the concerts, off to the side, dancing her heart out to whatever the style is for the whole hour and a half.

This evening I finished up the dark brown Shetland roving that's been on my wheel for awhile. After plying it, I'll see if there's enough for the Talia vest. If not, I have a pound of black domestic wool roving waiting in the stash, purchased at OFFF last year.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another blistering triple-digit day, followed by a chance of thunderstorms (and slightly cooler weather). I actually hope we get some, as thunder and lightning are rather rare around here and I miss the meteorologic displays we got in the Midwest. Don't miss the tornadoes, though!

That's it for not at . . .


  1. Michelle,
    How I wish I could spin that well. I have to spin a bulky or worsted once it is plied, or I over twist it. Haven't mastered spinning it thinner and maintaining any loft. Yours looks beautiful and so consistent. Stay cool.

  2. Kara, it really isn't that consistent, but I love doing it anyway! I always hope the plying works out so that my thins match up with my thicks for a more consistent two-ply. :-)

  3. OK. I just noticed that your wheel is a Louet, but there is a white orifice - since my Louets have all had black orifices, I'm curious about the story on yours. It has to be something different!

    I'm glad I live in Maine where we haven't even hit 90 this year!

  4. Its the triple digits with the humidity that would kill me off!
    I love lightning shows too, we will sit on our porch and watch them or if I am in a vehicle, turn the radio to a dead AM chanel and listen to it. Very cool

  5. Oh stop showing off... it's cold and raining here as it has been for the whole of this so called summer! We were all wearing FLEECES today at a sheepdog trial. Cumbrian farmers wearing fleeces in August!!!

  6. Jenny, I'd trade weather with you in a heartbeat; I'm much happier in fleece than I am sweating in minimal clothing. Fortunately, we don't often get much humidity here during the warm season (we make up for it with a lot of 100% humidity in the winter).

    Diane, I bought that Louet used off eBay from Holland, and it is an older, heavier model with the two-board base. The first Louet I bought, a used S17, has a black orifice, so I'm guessing the white orifices are on the older wheels. I am thoroughly hooked on my Louets; don't think I could handle the fussy drive bands on Scotch or double-drive wheels!

  7. Nice job on the spinning. I don't suppose you have any dark brown Shetland for sale????

  8. One other thing you said:

    >it really isn't that consistent, but I love doing it anyway!

    Whatever, the proof in in the pudding (or picture in this case!)

  9. No Sharon, that dark brown roving was a gift from another breeder. Next year I should have a lovely dark brown lamb fleece from Browning; you'll have to ask me then if I'm willing to share!

  10. It's warm and muggy here, too, although not quite that warm. All of us are trying to lay low and hope for a breeze.
    The evenings have been perfectly still. I can hardly wait for Fall...


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