Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spinning: the agony and the ecstasy

Ecstasy: Finally finishing Bill Withers' lovely grey mohair given to me by dear Lauren.

Ecstasy: Actually seeing the beautiful cable yarn I've envisioned take shape from one ply of Bill Withers and two plies of red Wensleydale.

Agony: Having my driveband jump off my wheel every few seconds because the groove on my bobbin doesn't line up with the groove on my drivewheel!

By putting a book under the back of the floor supports to tip my wheel forward, the driveband isn't popping off QUITE so quickly. THIS is the reason I'm putting up with the frustration:
I LOVE this yarn! I'm calling it "Rubies and Rain Clouds." I don't know yet what I will knit with it; I'll have to see how much I end up with. I ALMOST did a two-ply in order to stretch my yardage, but am really glad I stayed with my original three-ply plan; the round result is very appealing to me.

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Sharon said...

That yarn really is beautiful, which reminds me. I loved your mini-sweater you finished a couple of weeks ago and keep meaning to ask you if you made the pattern up or what it was. It looked great!

Windyridge said...

Wensleydale, nice! very expensive sheep to buy tho'.

Allena said...

Michelle, the yarn is beautiful, I did an article on three colored three ply last issue, the yarns are so unique, and they knit up to a really beautiful fabric. I love the colors, and my stars girl, you spin well! The more plies you have, the harder it is to acheive that uniform appearance. Good job.

I know what might fix your drive band, first of all, you might be able to adjust your wheel...

If that doesn't help you, trot on down to wheelie warts or the equivelant, and buy a spool of that bead tubing that they make bracelets from. It should be fairly heavy.

Cut a length of it, about right, to go on the wheel and melt the ends with a lighter then stick them together.

It is a shear delight after using regular drive bands, it stays on better, runs smoother and easier and stretches enough you don't have to adjust from whorl to whorl.

Oh yeah and it only costs about $1.99. hee hee hee her her her, I love it when I do something that works better AND is cheap.

Lauren said...

Why it took me this long to finally get over to your site, admire what you're doing as always, and say "Great Job" on teh yarn is beyond me. Schedule, scmedule, BUT it is lovely! The colors and textures play very well off each other. It gets my mind going with endless blending/plying possibilities. Good on ya', Mate!