Thursday, September 13, 2007

Variety is the spice of life!

That's the platter of tomatoes I put on the table for lunch today. Isn't it colorful? I don't remember all the varieties we planted (and I am not crawling under the bushes to look at the tags even for YOU, dear readers!), but I think in the photo there are Lemon Boy, Early Girl, and Green Grape tomatoes along with a bigger red variety, red and gold cherry types, and a couple yellow pear tomatoes from a volunteer plant.

You gotta love those volunteer plants. Besides the impressive red dahlia in my island bed I've shown you before, another volunteer dahlia came up in the bed closest to the front door. It's a pretty little thing, but seems to have a self-image problem; all its flower heads are looking at the ground! (I had to get down with my elbows on the sidewalk to take its picture.) If it were my mom's flower she would tell it, "Stand up straight and look people in the eye!"
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melanie said...

Yummy! What a beautiful rainbow of tomato-ey goodness. Our season is starting to wane, but I am putting the stragglers to good use - I just tried an excellent recipe for tomato soup, and it came out so nicely that DH has eaten some for dinner every night this week!