Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brava's elusive tail

As the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival approaches, the first venue at which Boulderneigh will have a presence, I find myself looking over my three "show sheep" with a critical eye. Bella has good structure, but her fleece could be softer. Braveheart is about as perfect as a Shetland can be (in my humble opinion), but a judge may not regard his smaller size, scurs or UK-type fleece highly. I think Brava has a lovely fleece any way you cut it, her structure looks good, and she even has a proper bit of wool on her forehead,but her bite could be better and her tail . . . well, her tail is enigmatic. It is of an appropriate length and has a haired tip, but when viewed from behind, it is nearly impossible to see that she has one!
(EXCUSE me? I do, TOO, have a tail! See?)
If you want to see a perfect little fluke tail, just look at Braveheart. (And yes, things hanging below that perfect little tail have GROWN! Hopefully the girls will be impressed by that instead of noticing his lack of horns.)
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Lauren said...

It's amazing how quickly those appendages grow, isn't it? It's enough to make a jaded old woman like me blush!

Hopefully, though, those casabas will produce some show-worthy lambs with nice bites (you seem a bit - get it bit- obsessed with bite). You must know more than I.

Woodland Woolworks said...

Good luck at OFFF! That will be a lot of fun.