Sunday, April 15, 2007

While the cat's away.... Part 2

Saturday I got a blessed mommy reprieve/beach fix. Our church's women's retreat runs all weekend and I was signed up to go, but neither Rick nor I thought of that until after he signed up for his continuing education seminar. By the time I remembered, Rick had already paid for the seminar, airfare and hotel, so my plans had to change. But when the father of one of Brian's friends offered to watch him so I could go for the day, I took him up on it.

Unlike the Southern California coast of my childhood, the Oregon coast is all public domain, and much more varied and interesting. There are long, sandy beaches that are great for walking or riding a horse, but there are also rocky points and agate-scattered stretches that hold tidepools and other treasures. Can you tell I love it there? We used to go more often; it's only 50 miles away. But after two casinos were built, one on the coast and one halfway there, the traffic has gotten so bad that it doesn't seem worth fighting it most of the time.

Yesterday, however, the traffic was non-existent. On top of that, the weather was beautiful -
the fellowship was sweet -
the rock-hunting was great -
and the tidepools were gorgeous.
In short, it was a perfect day!

For awhile I thought I could satisfy my life-long love of pretty rocks by simply storing their images in my digital camera; I was wrong. I did restrict my day's acquisitions to small treasures that would fit in one hand, though.

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Kathy L. said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day! (Which pictures are you in?) I thought your hubby was gone all this next week...and don't feel badly - I didn't get half the things done I wanted to when my DH was gone for a week. That's the nice thing about dust, laundry, etc. No matter what you do, they will still be there, waiting. (lol)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Can't you tell? That's my hand in the bottom photo! (Girl, I try to stay BEHIND the camera whenever possible!)

Tina T-P said...

Your beach pictures are great! And your spinning is really coming along - maybe I need to spend less time at the computer & more time at the spinning wheel & mine might look like that LOL - I'd say the day at the beach was just what the dr. ordered ;-) T.

Lauren said...

As usual, all is lovely, from the spun yarn, to the glee of a child running with a colorful kite, to the rocks, to the new flowers. I don't know how you do it; it must be that work ethic thing I am missing, plus a good dose of Mother Nature.