Sunday, April 29, 2007

and windy enough!

This is how Brian and I ended our day before coming inside for bedtime. Yes, it was finally windy enough to give Brian some practice at REALLY flying his kite, and it was wonderful!

Today was spent, as Sundays often are around here, working hard in the great outdoors. I did some weeding, pruning and watering; Rick mowed the grass. We hauled several loads (LOADED with earthworms!) from the manure pile to the garden, then Rick plowed it under. It was too wet to rototill; that will have to wait. If the weather cooperates, we might get our garden in earlier than usual - hurray!
That's it for now at . . .

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Kathy L. said...

We spent most of the weekend outside, too. I was warm to the point of being hot, for us anyway. The sheep all wanted to stay in the cool barn and I can't blame them. :)