Monday, May 27, 2024

MORE memorable May!

Sunday, May 19, felt like a second Mothers Day because my son went to an agility trial with Poppy and me! He was pleasant company and Poppy had two great runs (and two no-time efforts); here is the video Brian took of our best effort, a first place qualifying run in Standard, Level 2:

And here is Poppy, tired, with her ribbons – and the $50 credit for a future trial entry we got in a volunteer drawing:

While we were at the trial, Rick got strawberries planted – all 84 starts! I picked up a few more starts to add to both the 'herb barrel' and the garden proper and got them planted Friday. Now the garden has taken shape, and I'm at that happy anticipation place before the weeds invade and harvesting keeps me harried. 😉 Leigh lists what goes into and comes out of her garden for record-keeping and I've decided to loosely follow suit.

Herb starts in the round stock tank on the east side of the house: Spicy Globe Basil, Sweet Italian Large Leaf Basil x 2, Dill x 2, Italian Parsley x 2, Curly Parsley, Cilantro, Mixed Lettuce (6-pack)
Garden proper:
Tomato starts: Gold Nugget, Taxi,  Gill's All Purpose Heirloom, Oregon Spring x 2, Willamette
Eggplant starts: Japanese Long x 2
Sweet pepper starts:  Bacskai Feher x 2
Winter squash starts: Butternut x 2
Cucumber starts: Bush Crop, Regal Pickler x 2, Armenian
Summer squash seeds: Gelber Englischer Custard, Fordhook zucchini, Long White of Palermo zucchini (one hill of each)
Beet seeds: Detroit Dark Red, one row
Bean seeds: one row leftover mixed Purple Queen and Bush Blue Lake, one row Jade, one row Calima
Strawberry starts: Albion

new leaves burgeoning, and some of my seeds are sprouting, too

On Sabbath afternoon we met my MIL and FIL at Schreiner's Iris Gardens for a walk through paradise. We used to go annually, but then they started charging admission and the pandemic happened and admission went up.... I've missed the experience, so was glad Rick suggested it and got tickets online ahead of time. He even prepaid for bouquets for his mom and me! Mine is still in bud so photos of it later, but here are a few photos from the Garden of Eden display gardens themselves:

On Sunday morning Rick and I drove to Portland to take in the last of the International Woodturners Symposium. A different kind of beauty from the day before, but just as compelling to me; I love looking at woodgrain and what talented people do to bring it out!

Afterwards we had lunch at a favorite restaurant before coming home to work around the place. That included getting Rick to examine Bonnie who has been lame for a few days (she was already better), and vaccinating the two sets of twins (Bitsy was vaccinated earlier). Speaking of lambs, here's the latest gratuitous lamb spam:

Finally, chicken changes. The friend from whom I got four pullets three years ago got more chicks this spring and offered me some. I didn't take her up on the offer right away; the nine I had was a good number for my space. But our two remaining Blue Wyandottes are seven years old and rarely lay anymore, and Kate, the Rhode Island Red that was part of that four-pullet package, stopped laying eggs with shells over a year ago and has been ailing for months. When my friend said she'd take them for processing, I decided to take three of her pullets to replace them. The swap happened last night after dark, for ease of catching and incorporating. This  morning I took photos of my current flock, who  conveniently congregated in their original groupings:
Spangle and Splash, three-year-old Whiting True Blues

The four mixed-breed hens, ages two and three, that we got from moving neighbors.
From left: Pearl, Ashes, RBG, and Puff

The new girls, Amber Stars and a Legbar, from left: Toffee Bits, Honey Bun, and Snowcone
That should keep the eggs coming for a good while. I wonder what else this super-abundant month has in store for us!

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Jeanne said...

WOW! That's one jam-packed blog page! I'm very impressed!

Poppy did well. It was fun to see her on Brian's video. If Rico could be trained for the agility stuff, I think he could do well. He runs like a race horse!

you and I seem to have something in commmon, both flowers and items made from wood. The flowers in that garden look SO beautiful!! Thanks for taking such lovely pictures. And for the pictures of the wood items.

Speaking of Rico, he's cuddling with me here on the couch, whille I type!

Take care, working in that fantastic garden you now have!

Michelle said...

I think we have a lot more in common than a love of flowers and wood, Jeanne. 😊

Donna Schoonover said...

Wow- what a post! I especially love the flowers.

Michelle said...

They were a sight to behold, Donna! It was tempting to travel the two miles to Adelman Peony Gardens, which are also gorgeous, but it was getting late and we would have had very little time there.

A :-) said...

The Iris Garden is stunning. I particularly love the blue/black one. What a great way to spend the day. The video of Poppy is so interesting to see - does she only do part of the jumps at her current level? How great that you got a $50 buck credit for another entry!! The wood work is so gorgeous - did Rick enter anything? I love that your garden is going again this year and I know you love it, too! The lambies grow so quickly!. And OMG I LOVE that you named that one chicken RBG!!! Perfect!! I laughed right out loud when I saw her. :-D :-D

Michelle said...

A, if you follow closely, Poppy jumps every jump in that video. There are different classes where obstacles are 'handler's pick' so you don't have to do them all, but in others, every obstacle must be taken and in a particular order. No, Rick didn't enter anything because of the cost. As for RBG, I named her something else initially, but her mostly black coloring with the white feathers around her neck were just so OBVIOUS. 😉

A :-) said...

Thanks for clarifying - I missed the jumps over on the right! :-)

Annie in Ocala said...

The flowers and wooden treasures are beautiful! And Poppy and lambies and chicky girls too! I love reading and seeing them!

Mokihana said...

Your photos are all so lovely! And the woodcrafters... I am in awe of their artistry! And Gad's artistry in your garden... so beautiful!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, Annie; thanks for commenting!

Mokihana, some of the works in the exhibition were from Hawaii. Not my garden, but I agree about God's artistry. 😊