Monday, December 04, 2023

A new ornament and a tree to hang it on!

Yesterday Poppy and I had another agility match. It was a looooong, soggy day (we are currently navigating an 'atmospheric river' – days of non-stop rain and warmer than average temperatures), and we only Q'd in one of our three classes, but it was still a good experience. The agility club that hosted always puts on a wonderful event with a great hospitality room, and this time everyone got a goodie bag and the dogs all got personalized ornaments!
In spite of the weather, Rick followed through with getting a Christmas tree while I was gone – a big, gorgeous Noble fir from a client's farm. So as soon as I got home, all three of us worked on getting it inside and set up (tied to the hinges of the deck door for sure!), then I got to clean up the needles, water and mud. Rick and I were going to string lights but ran out of time and oomph; hopefully we'll accomplish that this evening. The rest of the decorating may happen Wednesday evening after Brian's birthday dinner; my MIL is coming out for that and she would love to be involved, I'm sure.

For the first time in years, I got a Christmas letter written and am working on getting them sent out with cards I had printed by Shutterfly and never sent in that time. That's my must-do task before I allow myself to return to my loom – now empty after finishing my first project!

after fulling but before finishing the ends
Yes indeed, I want to start another project right away. I found producing a woven object is satisfying in the same way that spinning is, and making a rug(s) be a great way to use up some coarse wool yarn I was given. It may sound silly, but sending off stockpiled cards and using up stockpiled yarn feels like decluttering victories. March on!

Some parting shots:

That's the peak of Mt. Jefferson casting a 'sky shadow'!

Here's to  getting in the holiday spirit at . . .


A :-) said...

>stockpiled cards and using up stockpiled yarn

Not silly at all to count and decluttering! I'm doing something similar with the leftovers of Socks That Rock from all the sets of arm warmers I've cranked lately. I jumped for an MKAL (I usually don't go for them, but decided I would for some reason this time.

Your tree is a stunner!!

Michelle said...

A, I've had fun making tiny little sweaters with small amounts of sock yarn; they make great ornaments or gift box adornments!

Leigh said...

Michelle, I love your scarf! Congratulations on your first project! Isn't it amazing what fulling does? I think it's weaving teacher Laura Fry who says "it isn't finished until it's wet finished." The whole process is extremely satisfying, isn't it?

Your tree is gorgeous, and I love Poppy's ornament. Tis' the season.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Leigh! Even though the yellow yarn in the scarf feels like burlap, I think the scarf may actually be useable (by someone who likes these colors) because the green yarn in the part that will actually go around the neck is much softer. I still need to finish the ends.... And you should see our tree now. The lights we put on it last night are perfect!

Jeanne said...

I'm anxious to see that lovely tree all decked out! Poppy's little ornament is really cute!! How sweet of them to give personalized ornaments.

Your scarf is really neat! You did very well.

That's nice that your MIL will be with you tomorrow for Brian's birthday dinner and the tree decorating! Enjoy!!

I wish I could see you and Poppy at one of the agility matches.

Take care!

Mokihana said...

Your weaving is really beautiful...and I love your tree!

Michelle said...

Jeanne, I hope you've seen the next post which features the tree, decked out, and my next weaving project!

Thank you, Mokihana!