Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Turn, turn, turn

That's what time does, it just keeps turning, which puts me in catch-up mode here on the ol' blog once again. So here are photos in date order, with explanations along the way.

The winner of the lambing contest, Marlane, chose one of the Fair Isle hats as her prize. Here it is blocking, before I shipped it off to CA:

My spindles and needles have been set aside for awhile now, so there is nothing new to report on that front. Oh, I did purchase this year's Shetland Wool Week Fair Isle hat pattern (love the two-color option!) to add to the list of ones I want to knit.

Bridger in all his beefy glory
Bench, another handsome flock sire prospect
Bree with her 2023 lamb, and her grown daughter Bette with her twins
Bette's black girls
Never fear; Chuckie is still here!
I've managed to make friends with all of this year's ewe lambs
Spring trees
Green pastures, flowering cherry trees, and Mt. Hood in the distance
Hangin' with the gang; this is my pal Blackjack (who will be wethered)
Taken on a Sabbath walk to the other end of our lane and back
Just in time for May Day
On Sunday, April 30, Poppy and I headed out bright and early for our first agility match. We had to get there before the first class started so Poppy could get officially measured, which determines her allowed jump height. The club putting on the match, Oregon Canine Agility, goes by the acronym ORCA:

There are several national organizations that put on agility competitions for their members, each with their own rules and focus. I opted to join Canine Performance Events rather than a more cut-throat, "in it to win it" association. CPE's basic philosophy is for the dog and handler to have fun while competing for titles. I felt welcomed and encouraged while learning the ropes of both competing and volunteering, and enjoyed meeting people and admiring dogs of all kinds. This pair were a great team:

Poppy and I ran in three different 'games': Fullhouse, Snooker, and Standard, in that order. In class we have only run obstacles in numbered order which is what you do in Standard, so the other two games were new to us. I messed up in Fullhouse, so although we accumulated the most points in that class, we failed to qualify. Oh well, it was fun and a good warm-up!

In Snooker I managed to think on my feet better and we completed the required elements, so I was hopeful that we qualified in that event. Imagine my shock when I learned that we not only qualified, we won the class!
When you get your first-ever qualifying score, you get a special ribbon

In our last class, Poppy was apparently tired of focusing solely on me. She took side trips to visit two different jump judges, and then visited the timing table at the end. Still, we did get through all the obstacles in order eventually, so I thought we might get another qualifying run. Second shock of the day: we had the fastest time and won that class, too!
Beginners' luck???
The end of an awesome day!

Back to more spring scenes:
Blaise and her twins are often off alone

Remember our hike at Silver Falls State Park? Along the way, Rick picked up a soiled piece of clothing discarded along the path. It wasn't until we got back to the trailhead that we realized it was dog clothing. We took it home, I washed it  – and it fits Leo!
One of the many things on my ever-more-pressing to-do list is shearing the rest of my flock (I sheared Bling and Bridget earlier this spring). Today I tackled Broadway; she's the one sheep I never got coated, so her fleece is trashy:
She looks good under all that fleece, though, and is now coated to keep next year's clip much cleaner.

Later this afternoon, these little hooligans went on the lam. They are independent enough now to squeeze under the gate and go exploring, ignoring their dams' worried pleas.

For the time being, our weather has normalized. Until last week, we've been consistently colder and wetter than average. Then we got blasted with three days of SUMMER – temps in the upper 80s that broke records, made flora go 'boom' and fauna sweat or pant. Thankfully, that ended just in time for our agility match, and now is perfect spring weather, including a little shower after dark tonight to settle the dust (yes, dust!).

On my way to the barn to do chores tonight

That's it through tonight from . . .


thecrazysheeplady said...

How fun! And congratulations :-D. Bea could probably do agility, but she'd never stay focused on the obstacles when there were So Many People she had to go visit first ;-D.

Michelle said...

Sara, wanting to socialize (with people AND dogs) is a challenge for Poppy, too. Lots of training – and TREATS!

A :-) said...

Great news on Poppy's agility work! I love seeing all the photos - spring looks idyllic there in the Pacific Northwest :-)

Tim B. Inman said...

I think it is the job of little ones to go exploring, and Moms and Dads job is to worry about them. My turkey hunter/neighbor told me the other morning they sat in their blind listening to a bobcat mom making low 'kitty' noises trying to call in her little ones. They were responding, but not minding. And so it goes all the world around!


Jeanne said...

I know what you mean about Poppy wanting to socialize with people. Rico is like that, too. When we go to BiMart, he gets all excited when we pull into a parking space. He knows most of the employees, and looks for them in the store, so he can say hello to them! I know, as a service dog, people aren't supposed to pet him, but if he's not actually needing to be helping my daughter, she lets him greet his friends.

The pictures you shared are so much fun.

Claire MW said...

Congrats to Poppy, and what a fun find for Leo! Happy pups!

Michelle said...

Spring and autumn ARE idyllic here, and I think winter has its charms. Summer? Meh.

Ain't that the truth, Tim!

Jeanne, fortunately the ring help do not acknowledge or encourage the friendly ones like Poppy, and she is a 'blitzkrieg greeter' even with people she knows.

Thanks, Claire (and SO GOOD to hear from you!!)!