Wednesday, May 31, 2023

On your mark, get set....

I've been thinking for awhile now that June is shaping up to be a busy month. This week, I realized just how busy – as in, if I don't keep running, I'm likely to get dragged! On the docket in rapid succession (and sometimes overlapping!):
Agility match
Farrier appointment
Wedding anniversary
My mom arrives
Dressage show
Fathers Day
Mom leaves
Black Sheep Gathering
Hay (seven tons are waiting to be moved from the grower's barn to ours)
Sheep leaving
A sheep coming?

Other things (mowing, moving wood, garden prep, dressage lessons and possibly my dressage show) are at a standstill because of the following equipment problems:
Lawn mower (still at a shop)
Tractor (still in pieces on the driveway)
Rick's vet truck (dead in the garage)
'My' pulling truck (pressed into service as temp vet truck)

Wish me luck in being able to post at least once a week. In the meantime, here are the last photos from May.

I moved the three yearlings into Spot's old quarters, the Ram-ada Inn and the wooded lot; they might as well eat the grass, get more exercise, and not add to the mess in the Sheep Sheraton:

Over the holiday weekend, I got the old gals and their lambs out of the barn stall to eat along the driveway, got all the lambs haltered for the first time, and tried to get last rib shots (only managed two; I needed another set of hands):



I admired the last of our iris, and one of our daphne bushes:

Rick borrowed his mother's little electric lawnmower to mow the garden, then tried to burn some of the grass. I'm pretty sure the garden's a bust; I need to get planting medium for my stock tank gardens:

Sure would be nice to make like a dog and relax!

No rest for the weary at . . .


Mama Pea said...

Okay, now I know I'm not that busy! Whew. But would we be happy having the days drag by, wandering around the house wondering how to pass the time? (Haha, if only for a day or two maybe?) We'll never grow grumpy from boredom. Not with so many interests. :o) Stella is really a "showy" horse, isn't she?

Debbie said...

that old saying make hay while the sun shines...your June looks like you will be buzzing like a bee!

Michelle said...

You're right, Mama Pea, I'll never be bored. I love my life, but there's not much room for things to go sideways, or get added unexpectedly. And I've been sleeping worse than usual lately, so tiredness makes things feel even more overwhelming. And yes, Stella is a beauty!😍

We sure could use some rain, though, Debbie!

Donna Schoonover said...

That is a busy month! Sorry about the breakdowns. Hope to see you at Black Sheep.

Michelle said...

Donna, my mom is leaving on Friday so I'll probably only go down on Sunday. Do you know when you'll be there?

Jeanne said...

Good morning, Michelle!
Whew! Your June schedule is very packed! I noticed that you hadn't put Black Sheep on the list. I'm glad you're still planning to go!
It's so good to know that your mom is going to visit!

Jeanne said...

Oops! I just went back to look at your schedule, and DID see Black Sheep on your list! I must have been overwhelmed by your full schedule!

Donna Schoonover said...

We will be there Saturday only. I will be sorry not to see you. I am going to be seeing Jeanne for the first time however.

Michelle said...

Jeanne, I'm glad my mom is coming, too, but the itinerary she was able to secure is not ideal, skewing to later in the month than we discussed.

I'm sorry, too, Donna; it has been many years since we got to meet in person! Do have fun and enjoy your meet-up with Jeanne. I got to meet her daughter (and Rico!) last year.

Annie in Ocala said...

Stella has grown into a beautiful gal! I'm lifelong horsey gal that sold her horse last year and living vicariously through yall. I still work as vet tech at a full service equine hospital an get a regular horsey fix but got hemmed in at home by fences and non horse friendly neighbors and the road widened and resurfaced into a racetrack that I have a hard time even walking the dogs or biking on so the writing was on the wall. The cow and goats (dogs, cats an chickens) keep me active. I am appreciative your sharing your life experiences with us!
I'm retiring in the next year. I command weekend nights at a 24hr full service equine hospital....
This is the changing of the interns week. I'm vacationing... Getting my right mindset for doing it yet again. Thank You for sharing so much with us!

Michelle said...

Thank YOU, Annie, for being interested in my busy little life! I'm sorry to hear you had to get rid of your horse; I can't imagine doing that, but life circumstances can bring unimagined changes. Here where we live we've gotten hemmed in, too, but I have a small court arena to school in and a couple (short) quiet gravel lanes on which I can ride.