Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wildflowers and water/falls

In spite of our colder and wetter than average spring, we were blessed with dry weather the last two Sabbaths. On the 15th we met up with friends to ride the ferry over the river to Willamette Mission State Park, where dogs are allowed – and were well represented in our group!

On the 22nd, our church's social committee organized a hike followed by vespers at Silver Creek State Park. This gorgeous place deserves its title as the crown jewel of our state parks system. All the falls were gushing magnificently, and wildflowers were blooming everywhere. How fitting that this hike also fell on Earth Day!

for scale, click to biggify to see the people on the trail behind the falls

there's a trail behind this one, too

biggity to see the hillside trail, upon which I slipped and got a muddy butt

check out the people on the path behind this one, too
for scale, this waterfall is well behind the people on the path

I hope you enjoyed this photo dump from two of our local state parks. We do live in a spectacular part of the country!

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marlane said...

Absolutely stunning Thanks for the pictures !!

A :-) said...

Wow! Both gorgeous places to spend a day :-)

Leigh said...

What a beautiful place. Looks like it was perfect for your hike.

Michelle said...

You're welcome, Marlane; I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

Yes, we have lots of beautiful options within an hour's drive, A.

It was – for both of them, Leigh!

Donna Schoonover said...

Beautiful photos!

Fat Dormouse said...

Beautiful photos! It's good to be reminded how amazing our own areas/regions are. I fear sometimes we get blasé and don't recognise the beauty surrounding us.

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Michelle, for these lovely pictures! I hadn't heard of the one you shared at the beginning. I've always wanted to go to Silver Creek Park. All the pictures I've seen of it are so lovely.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Sara and Donna. It's hard to take bad photos of such good subjects!

I agree, FD. I enjoy it when you share photos of the areas YOU visit!

Jeanne, Willamette Mission State Park has quite a history; you should read up on it! Not as dramatic in scenery, but a nice (and dog-friendly) place to walk.