Sunday, April 23, 2023


Days ago I glanced over my last post and realized I have updates on many of the things mentioned there. As usual, it's taken days to round up the photos and the words but here I finally am, getting my dux in a row. Heh.

The weather continues to be colder and wetter than 'average.' The Blarney Woolen Mill sweaters I purchased off of eBay arrived, and I've been enjoying the two cardigans very much (I haven't done more than try on the pull-over yet). I love cables, and while yes, I could knit something similar for myself, it would probably take me the rest of my life and may not ending up fitting as well. Life is short; I'll buy second-hand Irish sweaters and admire Sara's productivity.

This weekend has been milder with rain conveniently scheduled at night, leaving the daylight hours available for outside activities. (I'll do a separate post on yesterday's 'waterfalls and wildflowers' hike.) Today Rick mowed the lawn for the second time this spring. We've let the fire go out – for now.

The sheep are still hollering at me. I'd say what they want most is to get out, but even then there is still a lot of yelling (see Exhibit A, above, taken right after I let everyone out). Ewes yell for lambs who run off; lambs cry for dams they can't locate after running off . . . and eventually they all want to be let in the fold(s) again . . . where they yell to be let back out, or for better feed, or is it ewes begging for lamb-sitters? It's a good thing the lambs are cute and the adults grow beautiful fleeces (most of which I still need to harvest – sigh).

I haven't charged the dog training collar yet or even opened the package. But after several days I did finally get my veggie starts planted in my 'garden pot':

The show with Stella a week ago went better than I expected. There will be a post about it on my dressage blog eventually, but here's a beauty shot I took between our two tests while a friend held her:

Next Sunday I'll be in the 'show ring' again, this time with Poppy. We're entered in our first agility competition!

In other exciting news, we were forced to shop in a hurry for a new fridge when our old one died. Our options were limited by availability (we needed it NOW) and space (most models were too tall). As you can see, we found one that JUST fits in the built-in space:

That's it for the redux from . . .


Leigh said...

I love the lamb races. My kids haven't exactly outgrown racing, but they're more interested in grazing now that everything is growing so well. Interesting that your sheep are so talkative. I get some "complaining" from time to time when they want to switch pastures, but it's a different sound that sheep.

Your new sweaters are beautiful! I don't knit them anymore either, because we have short winters here and I can only wear so many sweaters.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those sweaters are gorgeous! And yes, you could make your own - and I hope you do at some point (try a teddy bear sweater :-) - but it's hard to beat rehoming some good wool too.

A :-) said...

I've been just dying to hear how you and Stella did in the ring - seriously you are naughty for making me wait so long and now making me wait again for the other blog :-D :-D The sweaters are lovely - I'm a cable knitter - it's really my favorite. Nice Fridge!! :-)

Michelle said...

Leigh, my ewes get louder every year! I was thinking it might be just the mamas, but no, the three yearlings are just as bad.

Sara, I don't have any teddy bears to knit for. At this point I'm enjoying small Fair Isle projects; it's a great way to use up various colors of spindle-spun yarn, with beautiful results.

Seriously, A, there is not a lot to report on our show other than that we stayed in the ring and more or less did all the elements of both tests, for which I am happy. Our scores weren't great, not to mention our placings, which were justified.

Michelle said...

Oh, and A, the fridge is much the same as the one it replaced, only bigger and with the stainless steel finish.

A :-) said...

Thank you for the update. At least you went and you guys did your best :-) Most of the appliances in my kitchen are from 1985 . . . when the previous owner upgraded the kitchen and built out the sunroom. The dishwasher and cooktop are newer. I just keep on hoping that everything keeps on running :-)

Jeanne said...

Nothing like being late in reading and enjoying your post, not to mention a late comment! I missed out on keeping up with your entries while I was away from home. I love all the pictures. The lamb races are so much fun to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing the write-up about how you and Stella did.

I'm glad you were able to find a beautiful new fridge, and one that actually fits the space in your kitchen! What brand did you get? We bought one when we moved into this house - 29 years ago! It's still going strong.

Michelle said...

A, you've got good appliances then! The 'expected lifespan' of major appliances is appalling given their cost and size; I hope yours continue to serve.

Comments are emailed to me no matter how old the post so no problem, Jeanne! The new fridge is a Whirlpool.