Saturday, March 25, 2023

Third time's a charm – two charms, actually!

Dear little Blaise, who had a stillborn single ram lamb at the end of her first pregnancy and was nearly dead last year when she delivered Bling and a stillborn twin ewe lamb, surprised me at chore time this morning with lively twins, a spotted black gulmoget ram and a black gulmoget ewe (also technically spotted because of the wee white tip of her tail). I hustled the little family from the Sheep Sheraton into the readied stall in the barn, and rubbed the still-wet lambs down to dry them off more. Both figured out where the milk was, even though Blaise's udder is small (part of why she surprised me). I decided to pick up some milk replacer and a replacement heat bulb after church, figuring I'd know by the time I got home if the lambs were getting enough nourishment.

dramatic clouds on my way home, but thankfully no drama at home

Thankfully, both were still perky and active, not cold or lethargic, so I hung the heat lamb and enjoyed watching the happy little family. Blaise is being a wonderful mom:

(Stills in black and white to eliminate the red from the heat lamp.)

They would probably be fine without the heat lamp, but it makes ME feel better with our current cold weather. Yesterday was crazy; photographic proof!

Decided a wool hat was warranted!

And this by the end of the day.

This morning there was a fresh skiff of snow, followed by periods of rain and small hail throughout the rest of the day. A female Anna's hummingbird looked pretty cold at the feeder this morning; earlier this week I found a male in the grass. I'm not sure what happened to him; I gently moved him to a protected spot in case he just needed time to recover from a window strike, but he didn't make it.

After the rest of the girls got some pasture time this afternoon, I looked carefully at each of the four expectant ewes. I think Bridget and Bette could lamb within a week, followed by Bernadette and eventually Bree. After loving on everyone for awhile, I took a little video so you could see them all:
Did you notice that I got wee Bling sheared earlier this week?

So along with the daffodils, lambs are popping out at . . .


Mama Pea said...

Yay for Blaise! Her lambs look healthy as could be. I enjoyed the pics of your daffodils. Mine are still deep under snow!

Debbie said...

Congrats! So glad the Blaise and her family are doing well.

Your daffodils are beautiful.

Michelle said...

Thank you, Mama Pea and Debbie! Yes, it is wonderful to see Blaise and her lambs doing so well. And I thought you might enjoy an infusion of spring color, Mama Pea!

A :-) said...

Oh YAY!!! I know how hard last year was - not only for the sheep, but for you. So excited that you have one of each and both and Blaise are healthy and strong. YAY!!!

Donna said...

Very cute lambs- congratulations!

Tim B. Inman said...

I just shared this with Mama Pea: My sons in Wisconsin reported another foot Friday. I awoke to all white this morning! Soon, it will be time to put in the AC unit. Such is life.

I'll also add: Lambs in spring make the world right and round. I just returned from buying a new dozen rose bushes and a couple replacement heat mats for the greenhouse. Yeah! Our celestial mud ball, as Edison called Planet Earth, hasn't slipped its orbit.


Michelle said...

Last year's lambing season was definitely an ordeal, A. This year's is surprising, with Bree, the ewe I thought would lamb last, lambing this morning!

Thanks, Donna.

Tim, we EXPECT the 'great white north' to have snow this time of year; it is NOT typical for us! But I think spring everywhere can be unpredictable. Shoot, weather ANY time of year can be unpredictable!

Leigh said...

Great news for Blaise, and you! It's always a relief when they do well.

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful surprise!! And they are both beautiful as well as looking really good. I'm thankful that Blaise is doing so well, too.

I'm glad you have some lovely daffodils blooming. There are none here at my daughter and son-in-law's place. It's been way too cold!

I'm sorry about the little hummer. We were sitting in the living room the other day, when a Cedar Waxwing crashed into the window and died. My son-in-law brought her little body in. So sad!