Friday, March 31, 2023

More black beauties!

Yesterday afternoon I got home from work early and turned the diminishing number of ewes-not-rearing-lambs out on pasture. Bette wasn't interested in grazing, though; she had other things on her mind.

Time to do some consolidating. I moved Bridget and Bridger into the nursery stall. That upset the fruit basket, but it's a big enough space that I figured all three ewes could keep their precious charge(s) safe from the riff-raff other ewes and lambs.

Then I brought the pasture group in, installed Bette in the corner lambing pen – and left for agility class with Poppy! I figured there was no point in wasting time already paid for and it would keep me from hovering uselessly while Bette got on with it. Video proof – and a break from sheep for those who need one:

I drove straight to the Sheep Sheraton upon arriving home, certain that there would be surprises waiting for me. Sure enough, Bette had twin black ewe lambs!

This morning, both girls were spunky. I sat on a small stool to watch, get acquainted, take photos and video, and finalize names. They are very similar; one has a minimal spray of white hairs on the top of her noggin (which she may lose) and a sleeker, shinier face. She got dubbed Bitta Flash, and her sister is Bonnie Lass.

that's Bette's 2022 daughter Boop in the background


So that evens up the number of girls to boys, all of them black-based so far which just amazes me. Since Bree, Bridget and Bette are brown-based and Spot is black but carries brown, the lambs from those ewes only have a 25% chance of being black. (Blaise is black and carries brown, so her lambs have a 50% chance of being black.) I'm thrilled with all of them, and am impatiently waiting to see what Bernadette produces (although I'm not sure where I'd put her at the moment). Lots of chrome like her daughter Broadway would be a grand finale!

Just to show that not ALL the black beauties around here are lambs and Poppy, here is Stella during turnout today:

BTW, March is going out like a lion at . . .


thecrazysheeplady said...

Lots of black beauties!

A :-) said...

So happy for another successful delivery of two more sweet lambies!! And seriously, they've pretty much all been black! How cool is that?! Will you keep at least one of the black ewes for your breeding program?

Michelle said...

I think so, Sara!

Yes, A, I'd like to keep at least one black-based ewe lamb, maybe two!

Mama Pea said...

Gotta admit I'm very partial to the little black lambs, too. Fun seeing Poppy in her training runs. And, wow, Stella is a mighty fine looking horse. As with the lambs, a black horse always seems to stand out in my mind.

Jeanne said...

I have always had a strong liking for black animals, whether they are dogs, cats, sheep, goats or horses. They are all so pretty. Yours are beautiful, especially Stella and the new lambs!

I enjoyed the video of Poppy at agility class.

Is Bernadette the last to give birth this spring?

Michelle said...

Black horses have always had my heart, Mama Pea, and black tri-color is my favorite dog color/pattern. It IS harder to spin and knit with black fiber, but I do love to wear black!

Thank you, Jeanne; I am certainly pleased with all the 'black beauties' here! Yes, Bernadette was the last. New post announcing her offspring coming up!

Retired Knitter said...

I had to laugh at the agility class movie - how Poppy just HAD TO STOP AND TAKE THAT SHORT SNIFF!!! I saw on Facebook another film showing a dog stopping in mid-run, to stop and sniff AND take a pee! You know it is required in the dog rule book that you MUST be the last one to take a pee in a specific spot!! hahaha!!