Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Hats and bags

No, this is not a post about fashion; you've come to the wrong blog for that. I wear what I like and don't care much about what is in style. I don't like to wear hats and I don't change handbags to match my outfits. In fact, I get a handbag/shoulderbag I like, use it until it wears out, then get a replacement.

But I did cast on another Da Crofter's Kep  . . . and I may just have to keep this one.
I'm farther along than this now

After this one is done, I want to knit one more Fair Isle hat in the neutral colors below so I can offer "winner's choice" from three very different color schemes for the lambing contest yet to come. I'm thinking of ways to weight this contest to favor the small fraction of you who regularly comment; I appreciate you so!

I'd better keep my needles busy; the ewes are starting to bag up a little. It would be nice to have them sheared to make observation easier, but it's currently too cold for my hands to handle hours of scissor-cutting. So I just watch them and get my hands on them when I can.

The other day when I was in the fold, I got the opportunity to grab a three-generation shot of grandma Bree, daughter Bette, and granddaughter Boop. This is unusual, because Bette and Boop are two of my more skittish sheep, along with Bernadette. I think pregnancy is making Bette, at least, more friendly.

I'm letting the girls out for exercise and fresh grass as often as I can, which is when I can turn the horses out and then ride Stella. A couple neighbors in the woods have reported sitings of an immature cougar, so it's "eyes on" for safety, just in case one is around. I took this video and some stills from it a couple weeks ago and shared it on Instagram, then forgot to share it here. The three yearlings have more than enough energy to make up for the gravid ladies!

Even though the dogs and sheep get most of the focus here, Chuckie, the horses, and the hens get care and attention, too. Lance got some amendments to his stall so he doesn't electrocute himself playing with the light switch/outlet box.

Chuckie still wants to be part of the pack; I frequent scoop him up when I head out the front door to do chores and carry him down to the barn, which he loves.

The hens are doing well; they all know I am the bearer of goodies but only two are okay with handling. Splash actually seems to like it. She's one of my Whiting True Blues.

Finally, our happy little housemates:

I make our bed, then Poppy makes her nest

Rick is under there somewhere!
That's it for the menagerie for now from . . .


Jeanneg said...

Oooo! I like the second hat better than the first one!! Maybe I would like to wear a hat, if it's that beautiful!

The video is such a kick! I've already watched it twice, and just barely found your post! Such fun.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the compliments on the Kep; I love these colors, too – and the video!

Kim said...

Loved the jumping sheep video! The 3 generation photo was exciting to see as I’m almost finished plying Bette and I’ve had Bree in the past. Perhaps I should adopt the fleece from Boop when shearing time rolls around.

Michelle said...

Kim, the white fleeces of Bree and Bette are nearly identical; Boop is DARK brown. I thought she was already reserved, but now I can't find the note/email/PM.

Debbie said...

Your knitted hats are beautiful! I always amazed at how quickly you do colorwork.

Love the young ones jumping about in the pasture.

Photos of Poppy, Leo, Chuckie and the gang are always enjoyed.

marlane said...

All is looking good on your mini ranch !!

Leigh said...

Fantastic animal photos! Everybody's personality really shines through.

The cap turned out really well. I love the colors.

A :-) said...

Those are definitely your colors - so glad you are keeping that one for yourself!! Chuckie looks like he's in heaven in your arms. Is it hard to keep him out as a barn cat when he so clearly wants to be a pack member in-house? The things you have to think about! I would never think that a horse would go anywhere near an electrical box. It's always something, isn't it? :-)

Retired Knitter said...

Wish I lived in that house on the hill above your field with sheep. Heaven!

Mokihana said...

I love the cavorting video! Well, I mean, the sheep cavorting. Not the video. Does that makes sense? LOL.

I love Chuckie, too.

Great photos, as always!