Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My busy social calendar

I've had three 'dates' this week, which is unusual for me. Monday after work one of my best friends, who now lives in Virginia but is in Oregon for a short visit, came over. This morning, I went to Salem to meet another friend for coffee, and then met up with my Salem cousin that I saw in Alaska. We made good on our promise to get together more often, and intend to keep it up! To top it off, on the way home I stopped at the friends' who own Poppy's littermate for a short visit. Poppy was most upset to smell that I'd seen her sister without her....

In between those social engagements, I did manage to harvest the last fleece standing, that of Vienna. For the first time her fleece was loose enough to roo almost entirely. I had to bend over her to do it, because I couldn't get her up on the stand without her falling. 😔

I let Berlin out of the fold at first, thinking she and her dam would both be happier/quieter if they could see one another, but that didn't last long. Before I put Berlin back in the fold, however, I introduced her to my smallest halter, which is still a bit big:

Poor Vienna has lost a lot of weight and looks pretty tough, so I didn't take an "after" photo. Instead, I let her and my other old lady, Sarai, enjoy some grazing along the driveway. They both get some extra goodies, but I need to increase that; obviously, breeding Vienna again is off the table so little Berlin is extra special as Vienna's last lamb.

We are bracing for a record-setting heat wave this weekend. I am giving the garden and as much landscaping as possible a good soaking in advance. Rick wants to head to the coast or the river – he and tens of thousands of other Oregonians! I'd rather just hunker down in our cool(er) house and do as little as possible. I like being home

That's it for now from me and the 'old ladies' at . . .


Retired Knitter said...

I like being at home too. That point of view made pandemic isolation so much easier.

Jeanne said...

I think we'll stay home too, this weekend, even though the predicted temps are 100+ for Saturday and Sunday. Yikes! We'll need to give the garden and flowers extra water ahead of time, too. We've been asked to not water lawns, because of the chlorine shortage.

I'm sorry to hear that Vienna is not doing well. I hope she can perk up a bit, for a while, at least.

Berlin is looking adorable! And she's growing lots! She looked cute in the halter.

Susan said...

Little Berlin is a looker, isn't she? I am with you - I'd much rather be home in the peace and quiet, than out with the multitudes. I hope you can maintain your 'cool' this weekend. We've had some weird ups and downs with the temps here.

A :-) said...

Berlin is growing so fast!! :-)

Michelle said...

Yes, indeed, it did, Elaine.

We never water our lawn, Jeanne. We have a low-flow well and lots of other things (people, animals, garden, landscaping plants) that need water more, so we just let the lawn go dormant. Less mowing! Vienna is doing okay and is plenty perky when it comes to getting the daily 'extras.'

Susan, I imagine there will be HOARDS of people anywhere they think they can get some heat relief. A/C is still not that common here, so I can't blame them – I just don't want to join them! And yes, I think Berlin is beautiful. 😊

Lambs do that, A!