Monday, June 21, 2021

After Alaska...

...I've spent time with my pup. In the last month she has become so much more responsive and dependable. Adolescence in dogs is blessedly short. 😉

...I've been tending the garden, which is really doing well this year! This was taken Tuesday, June 15 (after a lovely, soaking rain that weekend, and yes, ever-present Chuckie):
and this was taken Friday, June 18:
From right to left is my row of hand-me-down spuds lookin' good, a row of mixed colors of bush beans, the row of burgeoning wax beans planted after my saved seeds didn't germinate, a row of snow peas, a (hard-to-see but growing) row of onions, a row of arugula (a bowl of freshly harvested leaves on the far left) and kale (needs harvesting). Uphill are my various hills of zucchini and cucumbers (the latter are the only things not looking great), and peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, basil and parsley, and down the lefthand side are my six tomato plants. Besides the arugula, I picked strawberries Friday morning – for two and a half hours. It was "pick 'em or lose 'em;" there were probably half as many as I picked already too far gone in the patch. 😢

...I've chopped a lot of thistles in the pastures, taking advantage of the softened ground from last weekend's rain. Chuckie, of course, was sure I was searching for kitties to pet instead:

...I've taken Stella to her first horse show – which I still need to blog about over at Dances With Horses, and took in a sunset on horseback with Lance for the first time in too long:
So thankful Kate went along to be my 'show mom'

...I've gotten chickie updates from Kate:

...I've spent time with my sheep. Of the girls, Bernadette is the sole hold-out; hard to get good photos in the Sheep Sheraton.

Yesterday, I finally finished shearing Bittersweet (you can see longer growth on his rump, where I started weeks ago). So pleased to see him in better flesh than last year! I was going to do Vienna, too, but it got too hot, even in the shade. We may hit 100° by next weekend! 😱

Sorry for the photo dump! That's all for now from . . .


Donna said...

Thanks for the updates.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, thanks for the photos and updates. Always interesting! Your garden looks weed-free and healthy.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by, Donna!

Mama Pea, I've done some weeding but it's not too bad yet. Delightfully, a big sprouting of 'weeds' around a loop of the soaker house turned out to be self-seeded parsley! And none of my tomatoes are showing that strange 'blight' that affected my plants last year, but we didn't add any fresh manure this year, either.

Michelle said...

(Forgot to check "Email follow-up comments....")

Leigh said...

Love the photo dump! You always take such good pictures!

Retired Knitter said...

It was a creature dump. Nothing to apologize for! :-)

Helen said...

Does Stella have dark spots on dark? The photo looks like she has spots. Kind of cool. Love your photos.

A :-) said...

Everything seems to be going along well - garden and animals :-) I always enjoy seeing your world. Looking forward to getting some more rain here by the end of the week. We need it very much.

Jeanne said...

I got such a chuckle out of Poppy's pictures, especially the ones of her lugging around that board! And how did she get up on top of the load of wood in the trailer? Did she have a little help? Cute! The pictures of her and Chuckie are cute, as always.

Your garden really does look good. Ours just took a blow, after a friend moved the hose connected to the soakers for the garden. She was helping, since she had hired a guy to come and mow our yard. Marlys didn't realize what had been done, so the soil got dry. We hope it'll be okay.
Your strawberries make my mouth water!!

The sunset photos are gorgeous! As they always are. And your chickies are really growing and getting very pretty.

The sheep are looking really good. I was afraid at first that there was no picture of Berlin, but there she was - so adorable! Is she still loving your attention?

Thanks so much for all the photos! I always enjoy everything you post!

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R's Rue said...

Love these photos.