Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Another update!

Last night and early this morning I did 'CPR watering' in the garden and took closer stock. Some heat/sun damage is now apparent, especially in the beans, potatoes, and greens. But my hill of zucchini from starts was ablaze with blooms this morning, promising tender, young summer squash soon!

Before Rick left he helped me give Berlin her second CD&T shot. I had already done chores and hadn't noticed anything amiss, but when I went back down to catch my lamb, her dam Vienna was stuck in a corner unable to get up. She seemed to have no strength or will when I went in to help her; I wondered if Berlin was going to get a shot and lose her mother today. But eventually Vienna struggled to her feet with my help (she seemed even more thin than after shearing) – then showed an amazing burst of energy when I brought out the rice bran pellets! I refilled the ewes' mineral feeder with sheep minerals and kelp, then stood by so the two old ladies could help themselves first. Vienna again pushed her way in with vigor, not giving way even to Berlin who was squished against the wall. Considering the thoughts I'd had just minutes before, it was good to see.


My friend Kate sent me fresh photos of all four chicks this afternoon. Chippy, my 'chipmunk' Whiting True Blue, has gotten really dark. Spot, my white True Blue, still has her namesake markings. The other two reserved for me I have named Lottie (all white) and Kate (whose deep red feathers match my friend's hair color). I'm not sure what breed either Lottie or Kate are. Kate may be a Rhode Island Red; Lottie could be a White Rock, White Orpington, or White Wyandotte (I didn't realize there are so many brown-egg-laying all-white breeds!). Reinforcements are on the way – eventually. 😊

Both my Whiting True Blues

For supper I made a big batch of pasta salad from a recipe I made once before. It calls for arugula, but since mine is bolting/waning, I supplemented what I had with some kale, basil, and parsley. It's yummy!

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Leigh said...

Michelle, I really find it interesting that you don't seem to mulch your garden. Is it because you usually get good rainfall? Mulch is a lifesaver for my garden with our typical summers in the upper 90s and long droughty spells. Also have to mention what a beautiful color your soil is!

I'm glad Vienna is okay. The pasta dish looks really yummy.

Debbie said...

So glad that Vienna rebounded.

Your garden is doing well in spite of the heat.

Hopefully the heat blast is done for a while.

wyomingheart said...

Sure scary to hear about your heat! Do you think that may have been what was wrong with your ewe...heat? Hope you get a good week and a break in that heat!

Jeanne said...

Whew! That was pretty scary, reading what happened with your dear Vienna! I'm so thankful that she perked up! it's likely to have been the heat, although I think you said your weather cooled off before ours did. (This morning it was only 68 degrees when I got up, and was overcast! That's nice!)

Your garden still looks good, and I'm glad your zucchinis are doing well.

Your chicks are really growing. How long will it be, before you get to bring them home? They're all going to be beautiful.

That salad looks really yummy!

Michelle said...

Leigh, upper 90s are – or USED to be – unusual for us; with summer temperatures going up we may have to consider mulching! We do have good soil here (Jory), and add to it every couple years from our 'manure pile.'

Debbie, I hope the heat blast is gone forever!!!

No, wyomingheart, the heat had passed; I think Vienna was just in a position from which she couldn't rise, and wore herself out trying.

Jeanne, it's overcast here, too; so nice after the blazing sun! I'm not sure when I'll bring the chicks home; they need to be big enough to hold their own against my older hens which may be another month or two.

Noel said...

If the white pullet you're wondering about is in the picture below the pair, she's probably a Wyandotte. Rocks and Orpingtons have single combs; Wyandottes have rose combs.

Michelle said...

Thanks for that, Noel; I'm not experienced enough to be able to discern comb type at this age. So I'll have a White Wyandotte joining my three old Blue Wyandottes!

thecrazysheeplady said...

You might have Rick pull a fecal count on her with lamb stress and ridiculous heat. Glad she perked up!

Donna said...

I am glad you survived the heat without any losses. We were not so lucky. I think it is the new norm for us so I need to learn how to deal with 100+ degree weather now.

Michelle said...

That's a good idea, Sara, especially since I don't deworm on a regular basis.

Donna, I did lose one hen (out of eight) to the heat. :-(

FullyFleeced said...

glad Vienna perked up- hopefully the rice bran will help keep some weight on her. How long until you bring the replacement hens home?