Thursday, May 27, 2021

More than a dent, and more flowers

Weeding is like knitting; "just one more row." As I filled buckets with weeds and started to see progress, it was hard to stop, and I spent much of my free time Tuesday, Wednesday, and even the short time I had today between work and agility class 'not stopping.' As a result, I've made more than a dent, weeding probably half the island, as well as some of the gravel.
from a dent...

to major inroads!
Full disclosure: The weeds on this side of the island are easy pickings; the grass that has invaded the other half is much, much harder to pull. Also, I would love to fill this shady area with more hostas, but the few I have struggle because of regular grazing by deer. I'm thinking I may plant some Vinca Minor there.

Chuckie, always trying to insert himself into whatever I'm doing outside!

After sharing a few flower pix in the last post, I found more on my camera:

That's enough photos for one post. I have some animal updates (with photos) to share, so will try to do another post tomorrow.

That's it for now from . . .


Jeanne said...

Well, good for you! You did a lot of weed pulling, and I know that's hard work. How's your elbow?

That Chuckie is such a character! Cute picture of him.

I love your flower photos. They're beautiful! I love the irises!! It's funny, because when I first saw some, that my grandma had in her front yard, I didn't like them, because my mom always had gladiolus every year. I was only nine, and thought the irises were inferior to the glads! Silly me!!

Have a good weekend!


Michelle said...

My elbow is the same, not worse, because I'm trying to use my left arm more. I've been surprised that the backs of my legs aren't complaining from all the bending over! Funny; my feelings have always been the opposite regarding glads and iris!

Mokihana said...

The flowers are so lovely, and Chuckie gets the cuteness award!

Michelle said...

When he sticks his bum or tail in my face while I'm trying to weed or work in the garden, I don't think he's very cute, Mokihana! 😉