Friday, May 28, 2021

Flock updates

There's been another breakthrough in the sheep flock! When I was sitting and schmoozing with Berlin (and others) one evening, look who approached:

That's (blurry) Bette, who not only approached, but stayed and enjoyed! She and her half-sister Bernadette have been holdouts since they were lambs, so this was a huge surprise – and gives me hope for Bernadette, too.

The chicken flock's new members have landed! My friend ordered two Whiting True Green chicks for me along with an assortment of 15 brown egg layers (plus a bonus chick) for herself and another friend from Murray McMurray Hatchery, and they arrived early Thursday morning. After work, I drove out to admire them all. Mine have reddish brown dye on their foreheads:
Kate's chicken tractor/brooder

Once they are big enough to hold their own with my adults, they and possibly one or two others will move to Boulderneigh. In the meantime, there will, of course, be more photo updates. Hopefully I can take Poppy with me sometime (I went straight from work Thursday); she loves to play with Glory, and I think Glory would love to show Poppy 'her' new water feature.

Speaking of Poppy, she got to share the bed with me one night this week. Rick was taking care of a patient on and off through the night, so he slept when he could in his recliner. She slept under the covers all night, but in the morning she moved up and laid her head on the pillow, just like folks. Too cute!

She'll be sleeping with both of us in the camper tomorrow night; it'll probably be a little crowded. We're joining some friends at Mt. Adams Horse Camp for part of the holiday weekend, leaving Brian to hopefully care for the other critters (we're not taking horses). Poppy has been exploring the camper with great excitement as we've been getting it ready; she's always up for an adventure!

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Leigh said...

Happy critter news all around! We haven't been so lucky. Caught a neighbor dog killing chickens and a skunk killing chicks. Discouraging.

Michelle said...

Oh NO, Leigh! That IS discouraging – and maddening when it is someone else's animal doing the damage. Our chickens have a little "Fort Knox" for a reason, even though I'm sure they would rather free-range.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, Michelle, very good news on your animal front. Wonder what changed your heretofore shy sheep's mind at this point? Someone of the others told her she'd get lovely, scrittcy-scratchy treats if she wasn't so standoffish??

Leigh, such upsetting news about your poultry. :o(

Tim B. Inman said...

My chickens must live in Maximum Security Prison, too. Electric fences, rooftop covers, Upstairs Lock-in at you say, for a reason. One of my delights has been finding a broody mother, and letting her raise some chicks along with the flock. I enjoy watching the combative protectiveness of Momma Hen covering for her little chicks. We always palmed the chicks and stuffed them beneath sitting Momma so she didn't know exactly how they got there - but felt her prayers had been answered. Never had a loss doing it this way. Cheers.

Jeanne said...

That's really sweet, that Bette wanted some loving attention! What a treat for both of you! I hope Bernadette catches on! That would be really nice.

Your little chicks are really cute! I'm anxious to see them grow up. I'm sure they'll be beautiful!

I'm sorry about the problems in Leigh's neighborhood!

wyomingheart said...

Have a perfect weekend and take a photo or two, will ya?

Jeanne said...

Oops! I forgot to ask how it actually went, having Poppy sleep with you! Was she a good sleeper? Little Rico has always slept with his "mama" - my daughter, Marlys. And his predecessor, Keni, did, too. I even shared a queen bed with Marlys and Keni a couple of nights when we were at a women's retreat quite a while ago. I think Rico is a little more wiggly than Keni was!

I'm looking forward to Poppy's visit with Glory, to see what she thinks of Glory's new water feature!

Michelle said...

Your guess is as good as mine on Bette's change of heart, Mama Pea!

Tim, you sneaky thing, you! I have only rarely had a hen go broody, so wouldn't have much luck there. Visited my chicks this afternoon!

Yes, Jeanne, I would love for Bernadette to 'give in.' She is one of my prettiest sheep, and I would like to stroke her and tell her so. :-) Poppy is a good sleeper, but with her long legs she doesn't fit well in a queen bed with two tall people (we've tried twice). It worked fine with her and just one person.

wyomingheart, the problem with getting a post up is all the photos I took!