Friday, May 07, 2021

A double feature on The Chuckie Channel

 Chuckie finally gained access to the camera crew and filmed not one, but two new features for his fans!

Fair warning: the first one is for mature audiences only. The title of this feature?

The second feature is titled:

Finally, a Friday bonus cameo from the vault:

Stay tuned for more sporadic updates from The Chuckie Channel!

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Michelle said...

I know! Three blogposts in three days! If you aren't used to checking in every day you might have missed one; just sayin'. 😉

A :-) said...

I always feel a little sad seeing Chuckie at the window - I think he so wants to be a housecat.

wyomingheart said...

Oh my Little Rock Star!!! What a handsome little feller! Thank you! I have really missed little Chuckie! Very very good pics , I might add!

Mama Pea said...

Having Chuckie around has got to be such a delight!

Retired Knitter said...

I love black and white cats. My first cat was black and white - last 19 years - the longest of any of my cats. Chuckie has such personality - it just shoots out the camera at you.

Michelle said...

I know, A, but we do try to give him lots of attention, for which as you can see he makes himself very available!

Thanks, wyomingheart! So many times I point my iPhone and he comes running to me, making it hard to get good photos.

He certainly adds to our lives here, Mama Pea. 😊

Chuckie is definitely a CHARACTER, Elaine!

Jeanne said...

What fun, to see all those pictures of Chuckie! I've missed seeing him. He's such a pretty boy! His pictures are always enjoyable. How long has he lived with you now?

Our big gray Chica kitty is an older girl, but since we got her as a rescue, we don't know for sure how old she might be. She can get pretty frisky sometimes. She loves her catnip, and will ask for some at times, in the evening. She's strictly an indoor cat. She enjoys playing with the laser light, when we shine it on the floor, or up the wall.

Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

The Chuckie Channel! My favorite!