Tuesday, March 30, 2021

'Tis the season...

...for sneezin'. Whatever ignites my allergies (and Lance's) is stirring, and I'm trying not to scratch my eyes out while going through copious amounts of tissues. At least my breathing isn't affected, like Lance's. We had to up his meds and I haven't been riding him; his sides are heaving (which is why it's called 'heaves') just standing around.

...for harvest – of fleeces, that is! Even though it was brisk and windy Sunday, I decided I had to start shearing, and that I would start with the two preggers-looking ladies. That way I can monitor their progress easier, their fleeces don't get mucked up during and after lambing, and lambs have unobstructed access to the milk bar. Since Blaise's fleece is longer, I chose her to do first. I rooed off her belly and around her tail, then started snipping fleece beginning on her backside. Before long, I suspected that I might be able to roo ALL of her, easily pulled off a side sample for micron testing, and proceeded to harvest her lovely fleece with just my fingers – a pleasant surprise and a first for her. Here she is before and after; the darker area on her butt is where I scissor-sheared her, which left a bit more coverage. (Yes, she got cold! I did put a fresh coat on her.)

Blaise was good as gold and clearly has a 'bun in the oven,' so soon it should be the season for CUTENESS! If she was bred the very first day Spot met his little harem and carries the usual 147 days, she would be due April 11 – which means it is possible to get a very special Easter treat! I don't think she's that close, but will obviously be keeping an eye on her, especially since this is her first lambing.

Next up on the docket, tomorrow, is Vienna. Although she has a slightly bigger udder, that is to be expected from a seasoned ewe; I think Blaise is due first. As for Sarai, the jury is still out. I think her udder has changed a smidgeon but she is as svelte as ever; maybe she's carrying a little singleton. She's the only one of the three I actually witnessed Spot breed; based on that, she would be due on or around April 22.

...for our church's annual women's retreat! We are going ahead with it this coming weekend after last year's pandemic cancellation. It is limited to 32 women in a 7200 sq.ft., 10 bedroom, 10 bath retreat home; still, I probably wouldn't be going if I wasn't fully vaccinated. As a hermit at heart, I'm not desperate for the fellowship, but am looking forward to time with a good friend who is going with me, beach walks, and guilt-free spinning time.

...for local scenery, as always. 😊

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Your sheep look so different when wearing their coats and then when they're nekkid! You've got a jump start of the shearing or rooing or whatever you call it (can you tell I'm lacking in the proper sheep talk?) which must feel good. Carry on!

Retired Knitter said...

WOW, that moon picture is amazing.

Lambing season - what great fun, but also work I would guess. Just like human babies they can come at 2 am!!

So sorry about Lance. I just hate to see animal suffer so. How long do you think this will go on?

A :-) said...

This time of year when the trees are trying to leaf out is when I struggle the most. Allegra works really well for me and it's over the counter. A little spendy, but the cost is well worth it for me. I'm so excited about lambies!! :-)

Michelle said...

Yes, it does feel good to make a start, Mama Pea, but this late in March is hardly a jump start. I've got buyers waiting on fleeces!

Thanks, Elaine; that's one of the best ones I've gotten with a phone camera. Yes, lambing can be work but the rewards are great. 😊 As for Lance, his are lifelong conditions that we will manage as best we can.

I have used OTC allergy meds that worked, A, but when I learned that they were anti-cholinergic drugs and were linked to an increased risk of dementia, I quit using them cold-turkey.

A :-) said...

Michelle - Benadryl is, but according to what I'm reading, Allegra is not. Might be worth another look?

Jeanne said...

Oh, Michelle, I'm so sorry that you and Lance have to struggle with allergies! I don't have much problem with that type, but all three of our children suffer a lot from them. They must have inherited that from their dad. My poor husband had a terrible time with allergies.

Blaise is beautiful after her "grooming." I'm getting really anxious to see the expected lambies. It's always such a treat. I hope you'll be able to post some videos of them playing!

I'm glad you described rooing! I had no idea what it really was.

That's good that you will be going to your women's retreat. I pray that it will be a wonderful experience for you.

The pictures you posted are lovely - especially the sunrise (sunset?) and the moon ones!

Have a great day.

Michelle said...

I did look, A, and it seemed like it was. I'm very risk-averse!

Jeanne, I'll do my best to post videos of lamb races – if there are enough lambs to have a race! I sheared Sarai and checked Vienna yesterday; the former shows NO signs of being pregnant and the latter isn't very convincing Time will tell..

wyomingheart said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Easter!