Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Another good weekend

Yeah, I know it's midweek already, but if I don't post this today, at least another week will go by, and then I'll decide this is all too old to share – and I do want to share!

We had a lovely, restful Sabbath, culminating in a long afternoon walk around Fernhill Wetlands. At first it seemed an inauspicious day for bird-watching; the gray clouds flattened the light and the wetlands were mostly empty of waterfowl. Also, nutria – they were EVERYwhere, some in the water but most were busily grazing on grass shoots and acting like they owned the place. Ugh. 

But we walked around and pointed out to each other what birds were there. I enjoyed them with binoculars while Rick used his big lens to capture them. I took a few shots of 'nature nuggets' closer in, knowing I would be disappointed with my iPhone's efforts with distant birds.

As we circled back to the parking lot, we realized we had seen quite a good variety of birds – American Coot, Red-winged Blackbirds, Canada Geese, Great Blue Herons, Tundra Swans, Double-crested Cormorants, Mallards, Ruddy Ducks, Green-winged Teal, Northern Shoveler, Common Mergansers, Northern Pintail, Bufflehead, Gadwal, Cinnamon Teal, Starlings, and assorted LBJs. I had just noted that we hadn't seen a single raptor when one sailed up and landed in a nearby tree! We spent quite a bit of time watching it, taking mental notes for later identification. We think it was a Red-shouldered Hawk, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

On our way home we stopped at our farrier's place to check on some ewes Rick had been treating for diarrhea. They have Texels and Border Leicesters, and all but two of their ewes had lambed. It was fun to get a lamb fix, even if they aren't quite as cute as Shetlands. 😉

The next day, after a slow start, we made more progress on the ice storm clean-up. Except for picking up the limbs cut for firewood, we finished the upper driveway before and after the gate, the island bed, and all around the house. It was a gorgeous day, and we worked well past dark.

Poppy loves being outside with us – and loves to run off with sticks! But on Sunday she overestimated her abilities to carry off a small log outside the arena 😆

I've found some of the smaller pieces she's carried off on the north side of the yard.

We've enjoyed the natural vitamin D while it lasted. Tomorrow the rain returns.

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Well, you sure did have a lovely weekend! Even getting more of the clean-up done must have felt really good. That Poppy! Even though she looks like she's all muscle, I think she might have bitten off more than she could chew on that one log she was trying mightily to over-power.

Michelle said...

Yes, it DOES feel good to clean up, Mama Pea! And in the process, it ends up looking better than before the ice storm. Poppy IS all muscle, but she's not SuperDog; one end of that green maple log was all she could move. It IS surprising how big a piece she can pick up and carry, though!

Leigh said...

Looks like spring is arriving! Of course, photos of Poppy are always a highlight. :)

A :-) said...

Those brand new little lambs look like they have baggy longjohns on :-D So. Cute!

Michelle said...

Just posted a whole bunch of photos of Poppy, Leigh; at least I know YOU won't mind! 😉

Yes, it does look like that, A! They fill out those baggy long johns really fast, though.

Jeanne said...

You really did see a lot of birds on your stroll! Amazing and wonderful! I'm glad you got to see the raptor, too.

The flowers are beautiful, and I enjoyed the little lambs, too.

Poppy is such a character! I'd love to meet her! And you, too!