Monday, December 28, 2020

Cheers and jeers

I've collected another cache of miscellaneous photos; beautiful things small and large and in between, gifts given and received and self-indulged. These are things to cheer about.
Pretty little parasols near the Ram-ada Inn
My favorite mountain is looking magnificent
We're celebrating a year together!
Waiting for daddy to walk in; such a sweet pupper
Any winter day with sun is special
But rain gives gifts, too
more mushrooms
Found one on eBay after seeing lots of Insta-ads,
and it works like an absolute charm!
A lovely gift from our neighbors
and one from a spider, with holiday decor
A gift I'm knitting with a gift I got

And maybe the best moon shot I've gotten with my iPhone

Also, I took Brian to the doctor today and he tested negative for COVID-19. Since I really didn't think he had it, the results only make his total slothfulness more aggravating. Boo. Also, we have no water. This morning we had a trickle; Rick did something to restore it, but by afternoon NOTHING – not a drip. Seems that 2020 is going to "be that way" until the bitter end. Jeers.

That's it for now from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

I am fascinated by the King Arthur ... whatever they call that thing. Looks like something I might be interested in. What is its name? Love the pictures of Stella and Poppy but for artistic quality that first picture is mushrooms is surprisingly beautiful. Mother Nature still holds first place in the Beauty category!

Mama Pea said...

I had never seen that King Arthur gadget either. Very interesting. Wonder if I could find it on their website? I'll try.

Your photographs are always gorgeous. You have a real knack.

Oh, the no water problem! Sounds like a glitch with your well pump? Having to do without water or electricity . . . I'd choose to have water any day. Hope the problem is easily solved. Keep us updated.

Brian has had the period away from home without parental rules and regulations and not having to do anything when he didn't want to. Sounds like time to get out the cattle prod! ;o)

Tim B. Inman said...

Ah the joys of both rural water, and teenagers! How well I remember....

Twenty years ago - 20! - when we moved out to our century old farmhouse, we were experiencing our first family Christmas together on the farm. My (now) daughter in law, our AFS German exchange daughter, and our sons. First, Joyce said she was cold.... That is how we learned about propane contracts - of which we had none. The good man came out on Christmas Eve night and filled our tank.

The next morning, Joyce came to the bedroom and said, "Are you awake?" Groan. Never a good way to start the morning! "We don't have any water...." The house had been empty for two years, and somehow a pipe had decided to rust. The good well guys came out and fixed it for us.

And we raised teenage boys. Smile when you can; you'll enjoy the memories someday. And wish they could happen again.

Cheers from an old guy still living on the farm!

Florida Farm Girl said...

I've seen that gadget too and wondered if it really worked like they say. Now that its been on a test run I may have to find one. Like I do all that much baking. Ha. But a girl has to have tools, you know. Glad Brian tested negative for covid.

Michelle said...

Elaine, it's called a Danish dough whisk, and the only brand I found NOT made in China was King Arthur's, which is made in Poland. Go figure....

Mama Pea, it works so well for mixing stiff batters than I am going to see if it will help me conquer pie crust! As for water, a well guy is coming out some time this afternoon. We've had NO water since yesterday afternoon, after running a couple small buckets of nasty-looking sludge yesterday morning. Praying that it is something mechanical or electrical, and not our water source actually failing. And do you want to know how well Brian managed that 'taste of freedom'? He's on academic probation at college....

That was quite the Christmas for you guys, Tim! As you say, it makes for good memories now. It's hard to imagine we'll ever look back at this particular period of parenting and wish we could do it all again; guess I'll have to trust you on that one.

Yes, Sue, I can testify that the Danish dough whisk really DOES work as advertised! It's bigger than I expected, but easy to use.

Kim said...

I LOVE my dough whisk, it too is King Arthur's, and I can't fathom someone giving theirs up! Teenagers do become young adults, but it sure doesn't happen overnight. I think my son was about 20 before he really started getting his stuff together, and then the Marines got a hold of him and, POOF, adult!!! Not for everyone, but he needed it.

I sympathize with the water issues, I have had those...haven't we all...and always when dh was away. Of course. Sigh. Happier days to come, and as always, great photos! Really good, I look forward to every post.

Michelle said...

Kim, my son has talked about joining the military but only to become a sniper; yeah, like I want my son to come out a trained killer. So we have not encouraged that idea. Thanks so much for your kind words about my posts and photos; that gave me a warm glow!

Jeanne said...

I've never seen that whisk at all. Where is it advertised? I guess I'll have to look online to see what I can learn! A Danish dough whisk, but made in Poland, eh? Better that than China, for sure!

Your pictures are all beautiful!! The one of Stella looks as if she was posing just for her photo! She's so lovely! And it's so sweet that Poppy waits for daddy to come home!

I hope you get your water supply fixed quickly! That's not fun to have that problem! Keep us informed, please.

A :-) said...

Oh Cool! I've been wondering about those dough whisks!

I'm really glad that Brian tested negative for COVID, but sorry to hear about the academic probation. I recall my first year of college when that happened to a number of my friends who didn't actually learn to study well in high school. They had to seriously buckle down, although one ended up changing her major to something other than pre-med . . . I hope that Brian will "straighten up and fly right" as the old song goes - I'm sure he's a worry on your heart.

Stella has certainly grown into her promise. What a beauty :-)

Oh man. Water issues. Why does stuff happen over holidays and in the middle of pandemics?! My secondary furnace went wonky last week and I had to have the furnace guy out - it was covered under the maintenance agreement I have and turned out to just be a dirty heat sensor. Still, maintenance agreements for both furnaces were up for annual renewal and I needed a box of filters for the main furnace, so it was $400 and change Ugh. I hope your water issue will be something easily (and cheaply) corrected. Even with all the crazy, my friend, I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with joy and love and wonder.