Thursday, August 20, 2020

Double digits

We've left the blistering heat behind for now – hopefully for the rest of summer, but time will tell. Today it actually sprinkled a wee bit, but only enough to make it HUMID, not settle the dust. Ah well, we can't control the weather, only complain about it. 😉

Poppy's mouse tally is now in the double digits. She's killed nine in the tack room and two in the henhouse for sure, but today she moved a mouse to the middle of the tack room floor that had been dead awhile. Number 12? Or one of the two I thought she ate? No matter; she's doing her job which is more than I can say for the "barn" cat. Twice now I've been in the tack room trying to flush a mouse for Poppy when it ran by me out the door I had neglected to close – and right by a waiting Chuckie. 😒 He does the same thing while Poppy hunts in and around the henhouse, lounging around and swatting at Poppy's lead while the "ratter rats":

Looks like our August egg tally is going to be down in the double digits for the first time this year; I'm only getting one or two a day. Some of my blue Wyandottes are molting; I think the one has finally gotten over her broodiness.

In just two and a half weeks we're taking our offspring to college. 😲 Yesterday he got off work early enough to get a haircut, and came home actually looking the part of a college man. We're hoping and praying for his success and yes, looking forward to an empty nest, but like the weather, only time will tell if he chooses to buckle down and take responsibility. It won't take a lot of time to find out, because engineering will require he hit the ground running and work hard to keep up right from the start.

Here are a couple more pretty sky pictures. The first one was taken at sunset, the second one at sunrise the next morning; yes, both from our deck pointing the same direction. Who needs a western view when sunset color shows up so well in the east???

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Leigh said...

Just like a cat! Letting somebody else do all the work, lol.

Exciting times, when the young-uns go off to college. But kinda hard on a mother's heart! Praying he does well. :)

wyomingheart said...

Oh, that Chuckie!!! What a Little Rock Star!!! He can’t help it if mousing is beneath him... lol ! We had two Jack Russell’s... one a wire haired and one smooth hair. Our little wire hair was a snake killing machine. She at one time killed three in about 30 seconds, which we tried to revive because they were black snakes, and we wanted them for keeping the mouse populations down. Anyway, our smooth hair male is the exact opposite of what our female was... He is napping his life away, and has no desire to even run the rabbits out of the garden... LAZY ! Empty nest? These are the days that make us celebrate, and yet tug at our hearts. Have a great week, and thanks for my Rock Star fix!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Yeah, you do what you can and hope for the best. The first quarter/semester at college will definitely be a learning experience. Let's hope Brian handles it well. Chuckie probably figures you got Poppy so he wouldn't have to bother with the mice!

Jeanne said...

Poppy is quite the mouser! Good for her! She's amazing! Too bad Chuckie doesn't take lessons from her!!I

Your two sky photos are beautiful!

Retired Knitter said...

We had cats that had a "live and let live" attitude. In fact, one time a tiny gerbile my daughter was baby sitting at our house got loose while we were gone. At that time we had 4 cats. When we discovered the rodent was missing, I figured that it was "toast" somewhere. But we all got down on our hands and knees anyway to look for the little creature. Hopeful. As I was crawling into our bedroom one of our cats was laying on his side very casual. He would look over his shoulder, then look at me. He did that about 3 times before it got thru my thick head that he was sending me a signal ... "look in the closet." I crawled over the the closet and there was the gerbile with eyes as big as saucers -frozen in place - unable to move. Hahaha! So that gerbile lived to see another day because my cats were so slayed back!

Michelle said...

We appreciate the prayers, Leigh; he needs all he can get! (Don't we all?)

A LAZY JRT, wyomingheart?!? I didn't think they existed!

Sue, I do have to give Chuckie credit for being a good playmate and friend for our pup. That's good service, too. ;-)

Jeanne, Chuckie thinks mousing is a spectator sport. 😆

Elaine, that was certainly one time it was WONDERFUL to have 'non-mousers' in the house!

Mama Pea said...

I'm guessing Brian is ready to spread his wings and live away from Mom and Dad. He's a smart boy and should soon realize that if he wants his "independence" he'll have to do what is required to stay in school. The alternative will just place him back where he was in high school . . . living under your rules and regulations and that's not what he wants. I think it's so hard for young people these days, so I'm saying a little prayer he puts his good head to work and makes himself and his parents happy.