Saturday, February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Lip Day from February's Child!

Yes, February has been the month of Poppy. I'm sorry (not sorry) if you're getting tired of "all Poppy, all the time;" it's got to abate sometime! But not quite yet; here are photos from the last four days of the month . . . plus a bonus glance back at "Poppy, Ground Zero: 02/02/20.

'Hump Day,' February 26:

Thursday, February 27:

'Preparation Day,' February 28:
Click to biggify; there's a flock of geese south of the sun heading north!

Sabbath, February 29:

Just four short weeks ago; my, how she's grown!

That's it for February from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

That Poppy. Growth is so fast. It is like she goes to bed at night and wake in a different body in the morning.

Jeanne said...

WOWZA! She really has grown!! She's SO beautiful!

I really like your welcome sign with the daffodil! I didn't know you had that sign. It's classy!

Poppy really got that blue splint messy, didn't she?!

Have a great day!

Jeanne <><

Michelle said...

Elaine, I really do think I can SEE her growing!

Jeanne, we've had the sign for a number of years, but this is the first time a daffodil has put its head through! Yes, that splint needs changing; that will happen today. It's impossible to keep her from chewing on it though we try, and keeping it clean is a challenge, too.

FullyFleeced said...

Poppy is such a beautiful pup. Can't wait 'til she's out of that cast and up to full speed!

Michelle said...

Me, either, Denise! I do hope that it recovers completely; I know it will take time even after she's out of the splint for the leg to recover muscle and strength. I feel so bad for this set-back in her young life....

Susan said...

And she just get cuter every stinking day! How is that possible? Love that back view on her upturned pink bed!

Michelle said...

Susan, just wait until you see the photos and video I took yesterday!