Sunday, February 23, 2020

A day without a single Poppy picture

Don't get TOO excited; I said a "day" without a single Poppy picture, not a post. heh

That day was yesterday. Rick felt 'not quite right' Thursday evening, but woke up fine Friday morning. The 'not-right' feeling came back Friday evening a bit worse, and didn't really change after taking to nitroglycerin doses. We spent an uneasy night, Rick obsessing about every sensation, me knowing that at any moment he might decide I needed to take him to the ER. That didn't happen until Saturday morning, when I took him up to St. Vincent's (where he was treated after his heart attack ten years ago and again 14 months ago when he needed two more stents). We spent all day there to finally be told that all test results were normal and he could go home, but follow up on Monday with his cardiologist (who might very well send him back up for another angiogram, the only way to really SEE what's going on in those arteries). Poppy went with us so I could ensure she got regular potty breaks, but it was a long and trying day for all of us and my mind wasn't on taking cute pics of my pup. We did get home in plenty of time to watch Brian play in his last high school varsity basketball game, even though he sprained his ankle earlier in the week. I did take photos of that. 😉

Lucky for you, I did take Poppy pix before and after our no-Poppy-pix day – as well as a few non-Poppy-pix.

Thursday morning started with a pretty sunrise. After work I stopped at Debbie's to drop off something and let Poppy have a little playtime with Murphy. She got more outdoor playtime at home because it was a beautiful day.

The only photo I saved from Friday was Poppy passed out on Rick's lap. This was after she turned into a dog possessed, tearing around and around the house and biting at everything and everyone. All three of us finally had to put our feet down, so to speak, and do some training before we and our house were shredded! It was tough at first, but she is smart, and therefore trainable.

This morning Brian turned on an episode of "House" for us to watch before starting his homework (Rick stayed in bed late, taking it easy as per doctor's orders). Poppy stretched out on the floor and watched with us – so cute!

This evening it was all hands on deck to change Poppy's splint; tough terriers don't like to be restrained. I hoped to take photos of her leg but didn't have a spare hand. The paw is no longer swollen but her carpus is hyperextended, which is to be expected from wearing the splint. It will take some time for everything to strengthen and straighten back out once she has healed up.

I did take a photo of Bing Saturday morning; he was quietly enjoying some attention.

I snapped this photo between today's showers: Everything seems very early this year.

That's it for now from . . .


Leigh said...

When I first read Rick wasn't feeling well, the first thing that came to mind was coronavirus since you all are on the incoming side of the country. I'm glad it wasn't that, but heart concerns are no less worrisome! It's a relief the ED doctors said everything was okay.

The photos of Poppy are always cute, but the ones from behind of her all stretched out are the best ever! No shortage of awww factor. :)

Michelle said...

Yes, the first thing they asked Rick in the ER was whether he had been to China in the last 30 days. With his history, though, heart disease is the obvious concern. As for Poppy, my photos can't really capture how ridiculously cute she was there! But I was afraid if I moved to get a better shot, she would move, so snapped what I could.

Jeanne said...

I wasn't aware that Rick has had heart problems. So scary! I went through that with my husband.

I'm glad you got pics from Brian's last basketball game!

That splint had gotten rather grubby looking, hadn't it! How long did it take to get it off and the new one on?

The pics of Poppy were are cute - especially the ones when she was watching House with you! She must have been fascinated!

Retired Knitter said...

The splint doesn't seem to be slowing her down in the least!! What a cutie!!!

Susan said...

I am glad that everything checked out okay. And that Poppy - just when I think she can't get cuter, she does! I can hardly bear the adorable-ness of those stretched-out pics.