Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hail fellows, weather fair

Since Mohammed can't go to the mountains right now, a little Cairn terrier mountain mound came to Mohammed. Yesterday after work (above), friend Debbie brought Murphy over for a visit. Not only did I get to enjoy a chat with my friend, Poppy was able to continue that oh-so-important canine socialization we started last week.

Murphy got in my lap so Poppy had to join her
They went outside together, too, since we're enjoying a stretch of glorious weather, but Chuckie wasn't being very hospitable. In fact, once he hissed and swatted at Murphy but got Poppy instead, which confused my pup and only served to make Chuckie more annoyed. When he started going on the offensive towards poor Murphy (who has a friendly cat at her house) we decided inside the house was a better playground.

Chuckie was back to his usual tolerant self today:

It's amazing that these croci survived to see the sun, since Poppy and Chuckie love to wrestle in their bed. You can see how trampled the daffodil leaves look in the photo of Poppy, above.

This morning dawned clear and sunny again. Poppy played, basked, relaxed, and took a nap – then did it all over again and again.

During one of her naps I managed to get both horses exercised. I rode Lance past the plowed up lot that once held the best peach orchard around; the owner tore out half of it a year ago, and just a week or so ago we heard heavy machinery tearing out the other half and saw billows of smoke ascend from the burn piles created by the trees. I feel a little ill at the loss of all those productive Canadian Harmony trees, but there wasn't a blasted thing I could do about it. 

The only constant is change.

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Mama Pea said...

Good to see Poppy hasn't been slowed down too much by her recent accident. Young animals and young people are certainly more resilient than we "older" folks are! Oh, the loss of those wonderful peaches! Ugh. Different values for different people, but what a loss that won't be replaced. Double ugh.

Retired Knitter said...

Funny how Chuckie took to Poppy right away but wasn't much impressed with the visitor. You know, cat have Standards!! Ha!

Anyway, where I live there was a mature peach orchard called Swewlls Orchards. Back about 35 years ago. And I remember going and picking peaches. The town grew up around it. And, as everyone thought, the Orchard was eventually sold to a developer and the trees were destroyed - a few where left standing in the development they called Swells Orchards which some new home owners had peach trees in their yards - but orchards need care - the fruit eventually suffered and although I don't know for sure - I would bet there are no more fruit trees in that area. Only the name remains. It is very sad - because orchards take a bit of time to mature and produce all that wonderful fruit. But develops only care only about developing and $$$.

Tim B. Inman said...

Sorry to hear about the peaches! Will they replant? Our boys had a friend who's family had peach orchards in Michigan when they were in school. At their orchards, they had the peaches on a grid system like a checkerboard. Every 10 to 12 years, they bulldozed out a grid and replanted. Seemed the peaches were only at top production for a short time and they had it down to a science. Loved to see the peaches on the trees. It looked like somebody had gone out at night and hung porcelain peach balls on the trees.

Glad Poppy is doing well!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I just can NOT on that adorable tan coat :-D. You are going to need to get here a bigger one so she can wear it forever!

Leigh said...

I missed the post about Poppy breaking her wrist and toes! Poor puppy! It's horrible having to learn the hard way. Nice to see how well she's bounced back and is taking it all in stride. Always glad to see Chuckie too. :)

Jeanne said...

I, too, hate to see orchards torn out. Recently an old filbert (hazelnut) orchard was torn out in the city nearest us, where we go for shopping and medical needs. It'd not been cared for, for years, but still, it broke my heart! Now there are huge machines getting the property ready for whatever purpose. Some of you may know that Oregon is known as the filbert capital, producing most of those lovely nuts for the world.Jeanne

The pictures of Poppy and Murphy are as cute as can be! Both dogs are so cute!

Susan said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why people destroy orchards, forests or any living thing. I love Poppy's little face wrinkles and I bet Chuckie was just jealous of Poppy having a friend besides him.

Mary Ann said...

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and read backwards to see what happened to Poppy! The loss of the trees would have made me sick, too.