Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Who turned the lights on?

Sunday morning Brian and I went to our Christian trail-riding club's Christmas party. Fortunately, a couple other "not old" folks were there, so he enjoyed himself. We had good food, a fun cut-throat gift exchange, and afterwards, those who desired were treated to a buggy ride. I came home with two beautiful battery-operated candles that I promptly installed in the small windows on either side of our fireplace. They can be turned on to just flicker, or flicker and play Christmas carols. 😊

As we were driving back from the party straight to Brian's Sunday job, he asked about a Christmas tree. I told him I figured we were skipping one this year, given the lack of interest 'til that moment, the late date, high prices, and dry fall. Then he had a great idea! My MIL is going to her daughter's in Colorado for Christmas (where Rick returned from that night) so is probably not putting up her little artificial tree; Brian suggested we ask her if we could borrow it. The answer was affirmative, so we picked it up on our way home. When Rick and I arrived home from the airport after midnight, this cheery sight greeted us:

It was a little too tucked away for my taste, though, so this morning I found a suitable box to give it more height and presence, and draped a festive flannel sheet about the box and base. Rick had brought back some wool roving and washed mohair locks from his niece for me, so I tucked those gifts under it. Now that I have a place to put gifts, it's time to do some wrapping! I guess we should add some ornaments, although I'm enjoying the simplicity of the little green tree and white lights.

Yesterday morning the sky looked promising for a pretty sunrise, but it fizzled and the fog started moving in. Then the sun came up on the other side of the firs and took my breath away. I grabbed my iPhone and captured these, SOOC (straight-out-of-camera):

The fog and clouds took over again for awhile, but the sun shown gloriously all afternoon. (I don't realize I miss sunshine until an extended period without.) Then this morning, we were gifted a colorful sunrise above the frost:

With gifts like that, whatever we put under the little tree are mere tokens – but tokens of love are treasured. 😊

Speaking of tokens of love, this beautiful bell arrived in yesterday's mail from a dear blogpal:

Not only is it beautiful, it has such a sweet tone – and is Fair Trade. Right now it's hanging from the light fixture in our entry so I can bump it often and smile, but I'll probably move it to the shelter of our front porch so the wind can play with it, along with the chimes I was delighted to end up with from the dressage club Christmas party I went to the week before. Beauty and music; those of some of the nicest gifts!

It's beginning to look a lot more like Christmas at . . .


Michelle said...

The halls are finally getting some decking here. How are YOU doing this Christmas season?

Mama Pea said...

I'm glad you put up the borrowed Christmas tree. The lights alone (and a place to put the presents!) are festive and lovely.

I've been thinking I was doing okay in the way of Christmas preparations . . . until I realized that the big day is only a week from today! (What has happened to the month of December?) Haven't wrapped one single present that goes under our tree yet and have only started on baking Christmas cookies. Guess I better get goin'. :o]

Michelle said...

Wowzers, I'm ahead of you on the wrapping, Mama Pea! Just finished more than half of them. Doubt I'll do much if any baking; Rick and I are better off without it, and Brian pigs out on goodies to the exclusion of "real food."

Debbie said...

It is looking like Christmas!

Love the bell and the chimes.

Beautiful sunrise photos.

Susan said...

Oh, my, that sun! Wowza! I love the little green tree with the white lights. My mother wasn't going to have a tree, but we persisted and put one up. Now we are all happy! No tree for me, thanks to my four-pawed crew. It wouldn't last a NY minute! xo

Jeanne said...

I really think I'd enjoy those battery powered candles! So pretty!
And that lovely bell you received. - oh, my! Is that ever beautiful!!
The sunrise pictures are spectacular. We thank the Lord for things like that!
My 1st #1 daughter told me she bought a small rosemary plant that's shaped like a Christmas tree. She's decorating it! I guess I won't see it till after Christmas.
My 2nd #1 daughter with whom I'm sitting at their table, isn't doing a tree. We'll all enjoy my granddaughter's tree, which is beautiful! They live very close. Kim actually staying at their house.

Have a great day!

Retired Knitter said...

I love that little tree. We have had artificial trees now for many many years. We used to have real trees but our cats were SO ENTHUSED by the tree in the house, that it made having one impossible. Our cat isn't as attracted to a fake tree. Real trees are also messy - dropping their needles. At first I felt a lifted cheated by have fake over real. Now I prefer it.

A :-) said...