Saturday, December 21, 2019

Soggy solstice

A Pineapple Express blew through the last couple days and nights and so we begin a proper Pacific Northwest winter: WET. I don't mind; without abundant winter rain, we would cease to have the lush and fertile environs we love so well.
Sunset the evening of my last post, taken on our way home from Salem

The next morning's sunrise was considerably less colorful, and the last one we've seen since

Clouds moving in that day, over the neighbors' new shop
Clouds and moon
As the rain moved in, the wood moved out; the side of our woodshed gave way! It was an old, none-too-sturdy structure when we moved here in 1995; we've talked about rebuilding/replacing it but never felt we had available funds. Still don't, but will have to figure out SOMEthing now!

Dear Jackson has had a tough week, which weighs heavily on me. At least he can truly sleep now that he's lost some of his hearing. Prior to that loss, he always had one eye open, keeping an eye on everything around him – a true watchdog.

There is now an ornament on our little borrowed tree, my annual dated bulldog birthday gift from dear friend Debbie. Hopefully he's not lonely, because I'm still liking our minimalist approach this year..
I started one last knitting project of the year, using leftovers from three of my last four projects. 

I don't know who it's for yet; whether it will go in the gift dresser or reveal itself to be just the thing for someone in need this week. Will try to stay 'tuned in' while prepping for our simple family Christmas. On tomorrow's agenda: dipping fresh cranberries in chocolate!

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Your dear, sweet, lovable Jackson may be progressing toward his final oh-so-earned peaceful sleep. That picture of him zonked out on the floor made me want to lie down next to him, cuddle up and perhaps nap along with him.

Michelle said...

I do that, Mama Pea – lay down beside him and just stroke him and tell him I love him. (I'm too old for the floor to be comfortable enough to sleep on!)

Retired Knitter said...

That Jackson. Such a sweet face. These furry pieces of our heart are on this earth for too short a time, while other less noble loving creatures (no naming names) linger far too long.

Your skies are always so breath taking. We rarely see such a display.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Michelle! I wish i could help pour the love on your sweet Jackson! I love dogs so much. We need them in our lives, yet it's so tough when the end comes.

Your photos are beautiful, as always!

Your new creation will surely be beautiful.

I'm sorry about your woodshed. Maybe tarps would help for short term protection?

Blessed holidays!

Jeanne said...

Oh! You are already using tarps!

I neglected too say that your little Bulldoggie ornament is adorable!!

Susan said...

Jackson is the sweetest dog - I'm with Mama Pea. I'd gladly curl up with him. Of course, it's unlikely that I would be able to uncurl at this point in my dotage. Still. So sorry about your woodshed - it's hard when there are more things that need to be fixed than budget to pay for it! Sending you and Jackson hugs and love.